All was calm firstly of the Star Sports activities Novice Handicap Chase at Towcester, however that wasn’t to final for too lengthy…

Of the six runners, solely two completed because of a spherical of thrills and spills and loads of drama – together with one horse going for a surprise and leaping off the course! Time to relive a ‘memorable’ contest…

All jockeys and horses reported nice!

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  1. Looks like the rideless horse won the rideless horses just kept going one went through the woods

  2. The Line Dancer: “Well, you TOLD me to jump the fence … you didn’t say which one!” 😆😆😆

  3. Yay number 1, don’t ever give up. Even though your jockey fell you still finished for him.
    Inspirational stuff

  4. “…but the Lion Dancer’s going violently to the left and eventually he has indeed jumped off the course!?! Er, I hope they find him okay…”

  5. Those who say that thoroughbreds don’t really want to race should look at this. Without a rider, this bloke not only wanted to join in, but he wanted to win the race.

  6. That “yellow” shouldn’t be disqualified ? He cuts the way to everybody, why does he move like that ?

  7. That horse without a rider that crossed the finish line first just proved all jokies you don’t need to bear your horse with a whip to win

  8. Am I the only one that is relieved when a horse gets up and starts running again after a fall but couldn’t give two f*cks about the jockeys 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

  9. Tbh the horse wasn’t crazy, you cant call that crazy lol just call it cute and he went for his own run

  10. Adrian McGlynn should resign from Weatherbys for fraud, check out FB page; Unofficial Weatherbys Fraud, theft, corruption and lies


  12. 1:45 Brown shirt at rear “Using the whip aye? Okay two can play at that game. I’m not jumping, you jump it!”

  13. The very first jockey, who fell down, his extreme anger can be noticed but i think he will be laughing at the end of this race.

  14. And the winner is the horse without jockey!!!!!! :-))))
    Maby the jockeys need a riding teacher.

  15. That is really funny.He was smart enough to take some short cuts and skip some jumps, then join up with the crowd again. I believe he was having a good time!

  16. Considering how many spills happen in steeplechase, it’s a marvel that there aren’t more injuries.  Credit the riders, who know how to fall and roll/fall and crouch to protect themselves.  As well, the loose horses, though they enjoy following along with their friends, usually stay to the outside, out of the way – unlike this one, which stayed right in the thick and caused a risk to the others.  I laugh at the way most loose horses in jump races keep up, but cheat by skipping the fences, making it easier on themselves.

  17. Ive been involved with race horses for 40 years. I thought I’d seen it all. NOPE! wish we coulda seen the last horse to join the rider unseating party. Lol

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