'CrazyLissy' Wins 2021 PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker Main Event For $1.5 Million

The penultimate hand of the 2021 PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker $5,200 buy-in no-limit hold’em main event featured a classic preflop race situation with the title and nearly half of a million-dollar difference between the first and second-place payouts. Canadian poker pro and World Series of Poker bracelet winner Pascal ‘Pass_72’ Lefrancois had the chip lead, but by less than one big blind. His AHeart SuitJClub Suit was behind the 10Heart Suit10Club Suit of Russian player ‘CrazyLissy’. Lefrancois flopped top pair and a straight draw, but ‘CrazyLissy’ hit bottom set to retain their lead. Lefrancois failed to improve any further and was eliminated in second place, earning $1,069,210 as the runner-up finisher while ‘CrazyLissy’ locked up the title and the $1,499,942 top prize.

This was the second time that ‘CrazyLissy’ emerged victorious in a WCOOP event, with their previous title coming in a $2,100 buy-in ho-limit hold’em event during the 2019 running of this storied online tournament series.

This $10,000,000 guaranteed event drew a total of 1,965 total entries. The top 239 finishers made the money, with the final eight all earning at least six-figure paydays. The fourth and final day of the event began with nine players remaining and Australia’s Stevan ‘random_chu’ Chew in the lead.

Tyler ‘Juicy_J_93’ Jardine (9th – $99,997) was the first to fall when his ASpade Suit4Spade Suit ran into the AClub SuitKClub Suit of ‘Rebel FishAK’. ‘necgaidziai’ followed not too long after when their AClub SuitJHeart Suit clashed with the KDiamond SuitKClub Suit of Chew. the pocket kings held up and ‘necgaidziai’ was knocked out in eighth place ($140,180).

Linus 'LLinusLLove' LoeligerOnline tournament star Linus ‘LLinusLLove’ Loeliger’s run in this event came to an end when his AHeart SuitJClub Suit was beaten on the turn by the ADiamond Suit8Spade Suit of Lefrancois. Loeliger called all-in with A-J high on the turn only to be shown his opponent’s pair of eights. The river changed nothing and Loeliger was sent packing in seventh place ($196,792).

Markus ‘playboy99999’ Prinz got the last of his stack in on a KClub SuitQDiamond Suit6Club Suit flop with his 7Diamond Suit6Diamond Suit facing the AClub Suit10Heart Suit of Chew. The JHeart Suit on the turn gave Chew a lock on the hand, making the 10Diamond Suit river a mere formality. Prinz earned $276,069 as the sixth-place finisher.

Marco ‘marcozevola5’ Zevola flopped top pair and a flush draw, but he ultimately lost out to the turned trip sixes of a surging Chew. Zevola called all-in on the river to place fifth ($387,284).

‘CrazyLissy’ earned a pair of crucial double ups during four-handed play, starting with their pocket threes flopping a set to beat the pocket nines of Chew. They then got all-in with pocket aces leading the AHeart Suit2Heart Suit of Chew to overtake the top spot on the leaderboard. The lead then shifted between a few of the remaining competitors. ‘Rebel FishAK’ was ultimately the next player to be eliminated, with their AClub Suit10Heart Suit losing a preflop showdown against the pocket jacks of ‘CrazyLissy’. They earned $543,301 for their fourth-place showing.

A couple of pocket pairs in the blinds resulted in the next elimination at the final table. Chew shoved from the small blind for around 24 big blinds with 5Spade Suit5Club Suit. Lefrancois called in the big blind holding 8Spade Suit8Diamond Suit. The flop gave Lefrancois middle set to further his lead. With a brick on the turn, Chew was left with no outs heading into the river. He earned $762,169 for his third-place finisher.

With that Lefrancois took 309,873,684 into heads-up play, with ‘CrazyLissy’ having 181,376,316 to start. Lefrancois was able to pull away early, but ‘CrazyLissy’ managed to double up with A-2 beating the A-8 of Lefrancois to keep their hopes of a title alive. ‘CrazyLissy’ then fought their way to essentially even just in time for the pivotal hand described earlier in this article. ‘CrazyLissy’ took a gigantic lead after their pocket tens beat out Lefrancois’ A-J. The very next hand saw Lefrancois get all-in with QHeart Suit10Spade Suit against the JDiamond Suit6Diamond Suit of ‘CrazyLissy’. The board came down JClub Suit4Heart Suit4Club Suit7Spade Suit8Club Suit and ‘CrazyLissy’ made jacks and fours to lock up the pot and the title. Lefrancois earned a seven-figure payday as the runner-up.

Here is a look at the payouts awarded in this event:

Place Player Earnings
1 ‘CrazyLissy’ $1,499,942
2 Pascal ‘Pass_72’ Lefrancois $1,069,210
3 Stevan ‘random_chu’ Chew $762,169
4 ‘Rebel FishAK’ $543,301
5 Marco ‘marcozevola5’ Zevola $387,284
6 Markus ‘playboy99999’ Prinz $276,069
7 Linus ‘LLinusLLove’ Loeliger $196,792
8 ‘necgaidziai’ $140,180
9 Tyler ‘Juicy_J_93’ Jardine $99,997




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