Pink lifeless redemption 2 horse race! Ever felt like put your horse to the check and racing it towards others? You could randomly encounter a gentleman who challenges you to a horse race in pink lifeless redemption 2.
Race the person and his apparently costly horse throughout nation to the close to by ridge. Should you beat him he’ll present his true jerk aspect. A aspect which will make you resolve to simply take his horse!
So get on the market and get horse racing in pink lifeless redemption 2!

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  1. I shot him in the arm before he could kill his horse then the bastard goes and runs to the Law

  2. “OH NO YOU DON’T” best line I heard from this game.
    You did that mare a good deed he was unworthy of a beautiful creature and she deserves better💯💯✊🏿

  3. I did another race with him and he killed his horse out of anger. I was shocked and just stood there for a minute or two. I then burned the horse to give it some sort of a burial.

  4. when you just start red dead do you get a starter horse? Parents said to young to play butt can play a year from now.

  5. I shot him after accidentally slamming into him, i’m guessing that he wont personally respawn but will there be other races? And will he potentially respawn?


  7. game purposefully fall this guy over his horse right at my face ,I hit him and encounter is canceled and I’m like what? maybe it’s staged and I can find him again!but nope it was all troll by rockstar

  8. Cool gameplay! I hope you don’t mind if I take a fragment of your video and insert it into my video.

  9. How does Arthur have the tiger striped mustang as arthur bc u have to go past blackwater

  10. When I did this race, I got to the end and turned around to wait for him but he never showed up. Went back to see what had happened and it turned out that he was dead right before the covered bridge and his horse was no where to be seen. I remembered that I had narrowly made it through that bridge before a wagon entered it coming the other way so he must have crashed into the wagon and died. 😂
    My brother was super disappointed because he had specifically told me not to accept that race until he could watch me do it as he knew the man would shoot his horse if I won and he wanted to see my reaction. So when I found the dude dead by the bridge I thought that’s why he wanted to see me do it and laughed, he then explained that wasn’t supposed to happen and couldn’t believe the odds which was definitely wayyy funnier, we still laugh about it now. Got some sweet loot from the guy though and I mean he deserved it if he would have ended up shooting his horse for losing the race.

  11. When I was loosing the horse tripped and the guy got mad at the horse! And then at the end of the race I won and he hit the horse!!🤬

  12. wait why is a dude with green lipstick throwing green steel balls at you

  13. When i raced him on rdr2 i got rid of the guy and took the horse cuz the guy was abusive to the horse.

  14. Hi! I have a question and couldnt find the answer anywhere so I thought lets try on youtube! – ITS FOR PC RDRD2 –
    So I just got Red Dead Redemption 2 and had to ride a horse, but it was kinda weird?
    Like W was just walk what is normal but when I press S the horse isnt going backwards + when I press A or D the horse is going faster + when I press L SHIFT the horse does nothing.
    I dont think this is how it supposed to be? Like riding is impossible like this and couldnt find out how I can fix it.
    I removed all keyboard bindings and put them 1 for 1 in again.
    Didnt work.

  15. Me when I met this guy: oooh he has a good horse

    Also me: hippity Hoppity your nokota is now my property

  16. Dude, push the L3 button every 5 seconds to recover horse energy, you won’t run out of stamina even if you crops the land

  17. The way he slaps his horse! 😩😅 Bastard.

    Least you taught him a lesson and took the horse into your care lol.

  18. Are these replayable? I accidently ran over a villager in butcher creek and the race was canceled

  19. Who else did not give a shit about racing the guy and shit him instantly I mean hey I saved a Horse’s life

  20. i raced this guy the second time and when i won he took his revolver and shot the horse in the head. i felt so angry for not doing anything when i saw he was heading for his gun

  21. Is it me or they sometimes don’t pull the rope to where they want to go? How does this compare to Shadow of the colossus?

  22. Sadly I took a wrong turn and lost to this guy after aquiring the wrap brindle Arabian. Can u imagine. I stole his horse anyway 🙂

  23. The white horse is pretty fast considering you took a shortcut I would lasso him to the ground and take that beauty

  24. Raced him with my Bond Level 3 Turkoman, and i won with quite a big margin, considering its a War Horse

  25. Why does rockstar have the best racing music? Bully and red dead 2 have beautiful songs for races

  26. Rdr2 retards are level 200 something and then talk smack when they beat the level 4. Lol. Get a life nerd. Hahahahaha i just put my remote down and said i dont need to be in this crowd. Fucking yuck races. For baby basement cucks. Lol.

  27. How did he catch up to you? I was on an appaloosa and i think he must of got lost on the way there cos the white dot was everywhere and miles behind.
    I shot the guy when he slapped the horse and that nokota never stopped screaming and kicking all the time it wax hitched at the camp, if ain’t blue i don’t wanna know.

  28. The guy only showed up once for me, and for some reason I lost, so I reloaded a save before the encounter so I can get him again but no luck . Where do I find him?

  29. Me as a equestrian: watches video without knowing what will happen
    Man: I paid good money for you, **slaps horse**
    Me as a equestrian: I swear to mother lord if you do that one more time I’ll find a way to kill you.
    Man: **shots horse after second race**
    Me as a equestrian: that’s it. I’m killin ya **my Latina side slowly showing**

  30. I’m riding around trying to find this on my second playthrough but I can’t get it to trigger

  31. The first time i race thar bastard and i saw how he hit his horse i killed. And then i stole his nokota. It was almost died. He neinyectors and a lot of food. But i’m at level 3 bond and even if the stat says that he is calm, is always neevous. I mean, he doesn’t buck me or run away from wild animals or shoota but he keeps doing this sounds and he can’t stay quiet even when i’m petting xD

  32. Sooo…there was another guy saying “That’s a nice looking horse” and I gunned the hell out of him and his horse out of paranoia of being robbed.

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