How to win EVERY boss car. I’ll take you through my garage and show you the best cars to use for RP! Some amazing LIVE Racing strategy. How to reel in the (B I G) MAX 200k bets… What to play first when you open the game. An amazing strategy to playing the game over all.

Welcome to KSJ Gaming. We’re also going to go through:

How to “play the field” in live racing. We’ll be using the Legends Corvette C3 ZR1 ( one of my favs)

The perfect Tune for the Corvette and did I mention Max live racing bets.

We’re also going to cover the do’s and don’ts for service trials, token cups, and Supply Cup races.

A foolproof strategy where you will never lose any service trial, token cups, Supply Cup races ever again!

Also we’re going to go through what to do when the game crashes or starts acting glitchy.

I talk about box drop rates, and how I win roughly 5,000 keys EVERY month.

I’ll also touch on RP And what that means exactly.

We’re going to talk a little bit about the fastest cars in every tier, along with a fusion strategy. and what are the best cars to bring too the Elite license.

Enjoy the show.

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