Thursday, February 18, 2021: Get daily free sports picks, sports betting tips and advice from Teddy Covers and The Prez Monday through Friday on WagerTalk Today. On every show, the Dynamic Duo break down the biggest games on the board with special guest handicappers, giving out free NBA, college basketball, NHL, soccer and UFC picks, and they check-in with elite Vegas bookmakers to get legit inside info from real-life sharps.

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On Thursday’s show, Dave Cokin joins Prez and Teddy for a look at tonight’s college basketball slate, including Iowa vs Wisconsin; Colorado vs Oregon; and Ohio State vs Penn State. And it’s the Return of the Pen as Ralph Michaels stops by to give us some NBA and NHL betting nuggets.

📺 Teddy Covers and Prez discuss the “Big Game Breakdown”, handicapping the biggest game on the card across all sports – NFL, College Football, MLB and beyond. Teddy breaks down his 6B’s segment: Bad Beats, Bad Bets and Bad for the Books.

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  1. Missed you guys live today but am watching over dinner. Love the show.

    Good call last night Prez. That shit stressed me out.

  2. If Ralph wasn’t “worried” about Arizona tonight, then why isn’t it a 5% play? Ralph is spiraling out control. And it probably has something to do with betting on shitty teams.

  3. p.s.if you can find a good defensive team and goalie getting 1/2 goal might be good in the first period.if you dont allow a goal you win.kind of like baseball 1st five innings.if youre pitcher doesnt give up a run in tbe first 5 innings and youre plus 1/2 run you win.

  4. Ralph didn’t just lose his 5% play, he lost his 4% play, his 3% play, and covered another 3% play by half a point. Bad idea joining wager talk yesterday. Smh

  5. great in info dive on ralph.i wonder how good the big dog + 170 does in the 1st period getting a half a goal.thinking is those teams are probably more gung ho early on and those better teams know that there better and not so gung ho in the first period.maybe have to throw out a team on fire or a team that is brutaly awfull.?

  6. great comment prez.why are they fouling down 12 with 30 seconds left.iv seen them fouling down 14 with 10 seconds left.we know these kids are not the sharpest knives in the drawr or the brightest bulbs on rhe ceiling but how dumb are some of these coaches to let it happen.its impossable to overcome some of these leads with little time lest.IMPOSSABLE.why do they do it.?

  7. like i said i always have youre bad beats on my top plays.twolves go down hard.i had miami plus 2 pt.under the total and i had a 6pt teaser utah jazz and miami plus 7 1/2.lost 3 me on doesnt break even for everybody.believe that.

  8. Arizona lost the last 2, ucla played wash st which isn’t a bum team.. ucla is the over all better team and ar home

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