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  1. Is steve stevens and vegas dave.. giving winners too!!!. They are a 80 and 75%.. winners.. they say so

  2. Post COVID-19 Hiatus FREE Sports Plays Results
    Wednesday, February 24, 2021
    2-1 (66.67%) +0.95 units
    Overall: 353-306-8 (53.57%) +25.32 units
    2021 YTD: 87-94 (48.07%) -19.59 units
    Jan 2021: 51-56 (47.66%) -15.49 units
    Feb 2021: 36-38 (48.65%) -4.10 units
    Overall 2U Plays: 56-44-1 (56.00%) +14.82 units
    2021 2U Plays: 9-8 (52.94%) +0.22 unit
    Overall 3U Plays: 3-0 (100%) +9.00 units
    “Wong” teasers: 1-0 (100%) +1.00 unit

    NHL – Tampa Bay Lightning ML -150 vs Carolina Hurricanes = WIN +1.00 units
    NHL – Philadelphia Flyers ML -125 vs New York Rangers = WIN +1.00 units
    NBA – Oklahoma City Thunder vs San Antonio Spurs o217 -105 = LOSS -1.05 units

  3. Only problem with BetOpenly is it uses a >COM address, it can be shut down by feds. Makes me nervous to have any money on there.

  4. Thanks for the video today, I don’t do Parlays but I’m curious about this… if you do a 3 team at each -110 or 120, total +600 odds, isn’t that better odds than some of those Soccer odds picks given out?

  5. With parlay what I do is play 3 games and split 2 games (home win or away win) I use 32 and each bet is $8 dollar I mean sure u don’t win much but makes ur odds better

  6. Ryan love what you are doing BUT my God are you wrong about the {6} team parlay—If you wager $100 you should receive $4741.25 now if you win the 1st (5) and let us say the 6th game is Dayton -8 what you do is WAGER $2200 to win $2000 on St. Josephs +8 now if Dayton win by LESS then 8 you pick up BOTH the parlay and flat $6741.25—If Dayton does win you WIN $2541.25 the parlay minus the flat—If St. Josephs +8 wins you win $1900 the $2000 on the flat minus the $100 on the parlay—Let me know what you think—Stay Safe

  7. Phillys record is mainly because they have to play the Bruins every other day they are like 8-1-1 against other teams

  8. Ryan you are 100% correct about the parlay’s—You need to win TWICE to collect ONCE

  9. Okay Ryan I went 0-2 on Sunday (SORRY)–Like {2} games (Holy Cross +9½) and (Florida State/Miami Florida Over 67 1st Half)—Good Luck to all—Stay Safe

  10. Thank you,I have a freind,says that I’m good at picking team,why don’t u play parlays,I tell him I’m in the game for the long run,not no sucker bet,he bets 3,4 team parlays,wins 1 time a month,so thank you have to share this with him,took 2 of your hokey bet and cashed,I’m from Detroit and always pick against the wings,lol,like your advice on your videos

  11. Love New Mexico to sweep lowly AF on 10-game losing streak. Extra motivation for Lobos, since assistant coach Piplovich was FIRED by AF last year.

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