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  1. Post COVID-19 Hiatus FREE Sports Plays Results
    Monday, January 25, 2021
    2-1 (66.67%) +0.95 unit
    Overall: 303-260-8 (53.82%) +24.35 units
    2011 YTD: 37-48 (43.53%) -20.56 units
    Overall 2U Plays: 51-41-1 (55.43%) +9.07 units
    2021 2U Plays YTD: 4-5 (44.44%) -5.53 units
    Overall 3U Plays: 3-0 (100%) +9.00 units
    “Wong” teasers: 1-0 (100%) +1.00 unit

    🇺🇸NBA🏀 Detroit Pistons +6.5 ‘105 over Philadelphia 76ers = WIN 🤑 +1.00 unit
    🇺🇸NBA🏀 Philadelphia 76ers – Detroit Pistons UNDER 217.5 -105 = LOSS ❎ -1.05 unit
    🇺🇸NBA🏀 Minnesota Timberwolves – Golden State Warriors OVER 227 -105 = WIN 🤑 +1.00 unit

    * 🇺🇸CBB🏀 Alcorn State Braves – Alabama A&M Bulldogs POSTPONED due to COVID-19

    Positive results for Monday’s free plays. See you on Tuesday 26th. 😎👍

  2. Monday’s #NBARecap:
    Favorites: 6
    Underdogs: 3
    Overs: 7
    Unders: 2

    Are the books really trying to line the public pockets before the Super Bowl it’s like there handing out free money. This doesn’t even include Vancouver ML PL and over 6.5

  3. Seattle Kraken doesn’t even have a team yet and they might still be better then Vancouver. Is it to early to talk shit.

  4. Love your pistons bet bro 2-0 so far today need the nuggets and the thunder to pull through for the win appreciate u wish me luck 🤟

  5. Im taking break till Super Bowl. Rogers should try to run it in. Rogers cost all of us. Guess you had BILLS also. Good luck . I recommend back to soccer picks. You were good in those. Ok got 2 WEEKS till big game. Maybe you give out FEW PROP bets. I was 4out 5 Sunday . Got lucky on my PROP BET jones for packers under 61.5 rushing. He got hurt early. Kind opposite when you had over bet on player that got knocked out early. Good luck fellas . Make some $$$ for Super Bowl I like DETROIT ^^^tonight.though not betting . So I hope you guys hit

  6. Bender I’m a big GB supporter and I had a big bet on them. That was sickening…they do that all the time and just choked it away. Rodgers just never gets it done, I don’t want to ever hear his name being discussed as a great ever again. The TD before the half was just gross as well. There were about 15 plays in that game that were just pathetic. Gave the game away again.

  7. This is just an outlier due to covid . If we keep doing what has worked before it will turn around. I do my own picks but only in the NBA. Your the only capper I respect because your as honest as the day is long.

  8. Hopefully we aren’t using any systems that have to do with home or away considering home court advantage is not a thing anymore unless you’re in NBA playing in Utah or Denver.

  9. I’ve been kinda down lately after these losses but as soon as the picks came out I feel really optimistic and excited for today. Best of luck today everyone! It will turn around just be patient. Trust the systems

  10. Good or bad, you show up day after day. You don’t run, hide, or make excuses. That’s integrity. And I’ve seen you long enough to know that you have really bad stretches…then out of the blue you go 22-6 over a week and at the end of the month you’re up 6-10 units. Short term is wild…long term is consistent. Appreciate you showing up every day.

  11. Horrible coaching decision by GB HC LaFLeur to kick FG late in game when a TD and 2-pt conversion ties it What, he thinks his non dominating D will stop Brady with game on line?

  12. Man I feel you, I got screwed by Green Bay too I was not expecting it. I had parlay 3 games asten villa, packers, and KC I had the 2 right and Green Bay fucked me

  13. Do you think you could do a short video talking about money vs bet distribution? Maybe what they mean, what you look for, and what’s ideal

  14. I’m starting to get worried about the Chiefs vs the field bet that you gave out in free plays. Would you consider hedging it?

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