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  1. good to have you back. I didnt like seeing you so upset. its better if you minimize your exposure to negative people and there’s a lot of them betting sports.

  2. If it’s any encouragement, I’ve been watching your videos every single day since sports came back.Even days where I’m unable to get to the videos on a particular day, I always go back and watch it anyways just in case you have a little lesson or a cool story to tell. You have taught me literally everything I know about sports betting. I knew nothing when I started. I just knew I was a sports enthusiast and very knowledgeable in most sports. I lost a lot of money very quickly. I was one of those that was pissed and thinking I could just hit this long shot parlay and make it all back. So I started searching for how to find the best bets. That’s how I found you. I can’t thank you enough for how much you’ve helped me get a thousand times better at something I absolutely LOVE to do now. As soon as I get thank bank roll a bit higher I will be all over the masterclass! And I can’t wait!

  3. Bro….the negativity is going to come if you go 100-0 and then go 0-20….too many idiots out there who don’t understand this game.

  4. You keep up the good work sir! Way to show the clowns what you got with a 3-0 day. Hope they didn’t follow, would serve them right.

  5. Post COVID-19 Hiatus FREE Sports Plays Results
    Thursday, January 7, 2021
    3-0 (100%) +4.00 units
    Overall: 278-224-8 (55.38%) +44.27 units
    2021 YTD: 10-12 (45.45%) -0.60 unit
    Overall 2U Plays: 49-37-1 (56.98%) +16.90 units
    2021 2U Plays: 2-0 (100%) +4.00 units
    Overall 3U Plays: 3-0 (100%) +9.00 units

    🇺🇸CBB🏀 Cincinnati Bearcats +5.5 -105 over SMU Mustangs = WIN +1.00 unit
    2U 🇺🇸CBB🏀 Washington Huskies – Stanford Cardinal OVER 137 -105 = WIN +2.00 units
    🇺🇸CBB🏀 Illinois Fighting Illini – Northwestern Wildcats UNDER 148 -105 = WIN +1.00 unit

    Spectacular 3-0 +4.00U for Thursday’s free plays! Congrats! 🏆Very timely in light of what you discussed in the preface. The Gambling Gods took notice! 😉👌

    Your tirade was epic & worthy of going into the Bender Wins YouTube Channel Hall of Fame! 🏆No lie. You made some extremely salient points & I applaud you for adopting a zero tolerance regarding negativity spewed in your channel’s comment sections! 😊👍You have one of the most worthwhile sports handicapping channels on YouTube. I’ve told you & others here the primary reason I volunteer my time/effort maintaining the free plays record is the overall positive vibe you exude in your channel. Ryan, you’re a class act for sure. The fact remains that everyone should know these are FREE picks. What’s that old adage sgain? You get what you pay for. Yes the malcontents complaining should purchase a subscription to MC or go elewhere. You & I both know internet trolls are plentiful in sports gambling platforms. Most of them don’t even gamble. They just troll. They are like cockroaches hiding in the shadows & will only come out sporadically to take potshots at handicappers in a cold streak. I’m predominantly on Gambling Twitter & I have no problem zapping trolls. Anyway, it’s for the best you take time off. It’s unfortunate the good people of this channel are being punished on NFL Wildcard weekend because of a few knucklehesds. It is what it is. See you when I see you! Peace. 😎✌

  6. Took a break for a bit then check in not sure what happened. Appreciate the hard work always. It’s called free picks ppl lol. Also trying to build a little bankroll before subscribing again. Hopefully you still post your free picks and thanks again for everything.

  7. 4 Unit winning night with 3 No Sweaters!!!!!Great video and heartfelt expression telling it like is. If you don’t have the intestinal fortitude and cry over a -2 unit day; you are a NIT; period. Luv it and thanks for your time and sharing the knowledge.

  8. Love your posts. Most people here love your posts. Don’t let a few bad apples ruin it for us all. We’re all trying to get better and you’re helping us.

  9. Love listening everyday man – more to just get insight than even placing bets. I thought the charity drive you did was really cool too. Thanks for everything.

  10. Amazing day Bender you shut all those bitches up with a 3-0 day and +4 units. Whenever you’re ready to come back I’ll be ready to tail those picks!

  11. The people who quit on you after the past few days are real quiet now. Decided I’ll be buying masterclass this weekend!!!

  12. Today seemed like the opposite of yesterday, a lot of those second halves went our way today🤣. Didn’t get to watch the video until now, and I understand that all the negativity would get to anyone. But there are a lot of us that appreciate what you do, and you really are changing lives for the better. I’m only 18 but when I talk to older guys about sports betting they are shocked by how much I know, which I have to credit you for. I’ve never listened to anyone else’s advice and you’re literally the only channel on all of Youtube that I’m subscribed to🤣. I appreciate what you do, and hope you keep up the great work💯.

  13. thnx bender very much for the Stanford Washington over 137 they hit it with 5 mins still left in the game! 👍🤑💰

  14. Hey, I just joined your channel less then a week ago. I went 1-3 yesterday and that’s the way it goes. I got on here to learn about the process, with the understanding that three will be good days and bad. You said the issue is some people don’t have the mindset and another issue ,most probably , is people are betting money that they can’t afford to lose in the first. Please, keep up the free picks and I look forward to joining Masterclass shortly to gain more knowledge. Thank you sir.

  15. Don’t let the 1% ruin it for you. You provide great info and lessons and the free solid picks are just the cherry on top. I really hope those negative commenters didn’t stick until the end of the video to hear the picks…cause its looking reaaaaal good👍🏻

  16. I hope we end 3-0 today so we can get a video tomorrow😂. You teaching me about bankroll management and to not do parlays is the reason my gambling career isn’t dead.

  17. Been with ya along time…never let anyone control your mood…on a negative level…we are all just energy…simple as that. Positivity is the end game…

  18. Top play Gonzaga. Zags get up for quality teams, like Virginia. BYU plays fast which will be its demise vs. go go Zags. Predicted final 96 – 71

  19. Ignore the morons Ryan, you are the man and inspiration to us all. Keep up the good work and stay positive!!

  20. You know that you have many supporters and it is unfortunate that the haters are heard the loudest. You are human! Take some of my advice and get back your business attitude. It does not matter what they think. You cannot take this personally. Some will try to destroy anything and you know that – delete them.

    Let’s try to solve some other issues/questions. Maybe you should use the vegas rotation number more. This would also help some understand if they have a question on pronunciation of a school or city. Using the vegas rotation may also help you with a clear cut division between the free picks you offer and the paid picks. Say the first few vegas rotation games are the free and the others are the pay. This may help.

    Keep up the great work. Can’t wait to lace up my boots and watch the best sport in the world – JAN 13 the all Canadian division will be awesome – your friend Patrick

  21. Thanks for all you have done Ryan. I’ve gained so much knowledge by watching the free video. Ppl are just dumb to complain on free pick. Keep up the good work

  22. I’ve been in masterclass for 4 months and I can tell you if you only bet 2U max of your bankroll on every play, you would’ve at least doubled or tripled your account following Ryan. Don’t sleep

  23. Ryan thanks in 2 months I’ve learned alot, hoping to make it to MC as I enjoy they way you lay things out. Dont let the few ruin who you are. Keep up the good work.

  24. I’d guess it’s higher than 20% who care. I for one, don’t post on youtube videos, but I listen to you daily. I understand what you’re doing and appreciate what you’re doing for us!

  25. A few days off
    So this is what it feels like to be the good kids in class and still have to stay inside for recess

  26. Love the fire RB. Your so Canadian man it’s actually hilarious. In our DNA to keep everyone happy even though we know it’s impossible. I would seriously suggest disabling comments and only allowing direct communication to your paying customers, Your getting into the big leagues. Take a break, Have a whisky or 8 and remember you got a skill no one else has. I know I’m not alone when sincerely saying thank you for sharing it. Cheers buddy

  27. Screw the haters, thanks for your steady influence! In a world full Max whale jackoffs, you’re the man of the people!

  28. Ryan you do a great job and fuck the ppl who don’t realize your value cause you have done nothing but help my bankroll thank you

  29. I know what you mean. I had to block my mum from my gambling because she kept bringing back the bad days instead of appreciating the good ones.

    It’s like …I lost and I know it. No need to say anything else about it, keep moving on.

    Keep it up. It takes courage to come forward and give people advised on how to invest their money.

  30. Most peope don’t understand the realities of sports betting. Nobody can hit over 65% over a 100 game sampling . I once hit 60% over a football season, but that is once in 35 years. Like RB says, 55% is a damn good record in any sport.

  31. Bender we know you don’t have to do this. Please don’t get to the point where you decide hell with it im not doing this we do appreciate it Jessie in New Orleans

  32. Take your time off, you deserve it. We’ll be here , hell with the criticism from those that don’t wanna learn what it’s all about! Enjoy you time off.

  33. Very appreciative for what you do man. Look forward to your videos daily, not only for the picks but also the information, stats and the energy you bring. Have a good day.

  34. Yes all the negative people should not be here. Just block them and delete them completely. If they are ungrateful they are definitely in the minority. Many of us have learned a lot and greatly appreciate what you are doing for us. Thank you for everything!

  35. Hi bender don’t get mad you are very good with your picks I have been doing this for a long time the people that get mad are not realistic this is hard and you tell the truth keep doing it don’t take time off you are very good

  36. Sports betting is all about winning and losing and dealing with both. Let the trolls go somewhere else! As always, thanks Ryan.

  37. Thanks for the picks Ryan. You are appreciated bud. Screw the haters, we will be here when you get back👍

  38. Ryan don’t worry about such people just do the excellent job you r doing for the rest of the people
    So don’t even look about their comments just do the noble job you r doing please

  39. MANY MANY MANY of us appreciate you! F the naysayers. You’re a great dude that teaches us a lot about this business.

  40. Your right bender I get frustrated when we go on losing day but u know what that’s part of it. But u will never hear me bitch about your picks your doing this outta the kindness of your heart. Keep doing what your doing and I’m going to keep following u cause u know what your doing I believe that 100%

  41. It’s obvious you put your heart into this. I been doing this for a while as well. Don’t let a few knuckleheads ruin a good thing. I can tell you take pride in this and are successful. The major of the people here are watching and learning. You can not make everyone happy. Let the haters hate! You know your doing something right or there wouldn’t be any haters! I don’t follow to many people, I enjoy watching , and I think it’s awesome that you teach / educate as well. Good luck pal

  42. I’ve been making money with your picks, I am not complaining at all, I don’t have the time to handicap games, so anything “free” from someone who seems fairly genuine, is fine by me.

  43. I recently subscribed to masterclass
    A little about me
    I have been betting games since 1996
    Had a killer run in the nfl in 1997 and 1998
    Made enough to buy a new car and open my first restaurant
    I was young, brash, fearless and absolutely undisciplined but it worked out. Then 1999 came along and parity struck expansion team and I lost 15k in 6 weeks. Lucky for me I now had a business that was starting to boom and I took the rest of the year off
    Bought books thru Las Vegas book club and started learning how to handicap games
    Fast forward 2006 I got married I have two kids and handicapping became to time consuming
    It still is
    I can say it’s taken me years to find a handicapper that handicaps steam, systems, rlm and everything else I used in my Arsenal to handicap games
    That handicapper is you
    You utilize everything i used and a whole lot more
    Ill take the losses when they come because the wins outweigh the losses in the long run
    And the long run is what this is all about
    Thank you
    And keep pumping out those games
    Hoping for a big weekend
    I’m going to Tijuana this Saturday staying at hotel pueblo amigo and betting on all your games sat sun and Mon
    I will be taking higher risks on my bankroll management because it’s a mini vacation
    But im a big boy and understand it may not go our way
    Thank you for hearing me out

  44. Screw trolls and haters. It’s proof you are doing well to have them. And others like myself. Thanks you for you time, hard work and expertise. Keep being you Buddy. Enjoy the break and look forward to hearing from you in a few days.

  45. Yeah you have put up with sly comments that iv noticed in the past where I was annoyed for you. I’m personally horrible at taking criticism. Iv gotten better as iv gotten older but still not where I’d like to be. Putting myself out there in a public format would be a tough thing to take on. It takes guts to do what you do. Your not just giving opinions but are putting your predictions out there to be scrutinized by the people and by statistics and have passed with flying colors. The real ones know what this is about. Somebody bragging that they took the opposite side of one of the picks that happen to not go well is someone that could never even wear the shoes for even a day. They can start their own channel and we can put their longevity to the test.

  46. Unreal to be even slightly upset at a loss when you, the gambler, CHOSE TO GAMBLE…. smdh at these low attention span punks!

    You are awesome Bender! Looking forward to donating to next year’s charity donation 🙂

  47. I remember back when I first started following and free picks were winning and master class wasn’t doing as well that’s just the way that it goes! Thank you in Bender we trust!

  48. I’m not very social with you but Im always checking in and appreciate the value you bring to the table. Don’t let em get you down. You da man bender

  49. Do not put your energy on idiots …Just ban them ..They do not understand the game ..your doing a great job !!

  50. You cant get to the end of the road if you dont walk it. I am from South Africa and you have changed my life for the better. So ja, just wanted to say thanx,and hope to see you soon.

  51. Thank you for all you do..we appreciate all you do and teach have helped me look at things different for the better..sports betting is a big boy game and if people can’t handle losing some games here and there sports betting is not for them..thank you again for all you do to help

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