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  1. Great free picks tonight 3-0!!
    Soon as I build up my bankroll abit I’m going to subscribe to your full card picks.

  2. Post COVID-19 Hiatus FREE Sports Plays Results
    Tuesday, March 2, 2021
    2-0(100.00%) +3.90 units
    Overall: 363-311-8 (53.86%) +33.65 units
    2021 YTD: 97-99 (49.49%) -11.26 units
    Jan 2021: 51-56 (47.66%) -15.49 units
    Feb 2021: 42-42 (50.00%) -0.62 units
    Mar 2021: 4-1 (80.00%) +4.85 units
    Overall 2U Plays: 57-44-1 (56.44%) +17.72 units
    2021 2U Plays: 10-8 (55.56%) +3.12 units
    Overall 3U Plays: 4-0 (100%) +12.00 units
    “Wong” teasers: 1-0 (100%) +1.00 unit

    2u NHL – split play = +2.90 units
    Carolina Hurricanes ML -118 vs Nashville Predators = +1.00 units
    Carolina Hurricanes PL -1.5 vs Nashville Predators +190 = +1.90 units
    NHL – New York Islanders ML -150 vs New Jersey Devils = WIN +1.00 units

  3. Honest to god truth I was watching the end of the bulls game myself and saw it playing out to screw us…..absolutely no reason to foul after that missed 3 to send them to the line to cover -5….betting the nba has been so frustrating this year with just how predictable it seems to be specifically at the end of games! But hey now more than ever Iv learned to shrug my shoulders and move on haha

  4. Invite the neighbor over and rewind it a few minutes and call out exactly what is going to happen for the next few minutes and see the reaction. Good luck everybody

  5. Had the mavs last night -7 up 20 with 4:30 left. Didn’t cover. Had hawks two nights ago. +6.5 tie game 2:30 left. didn’t cover. Probably time to take a break huh?

  6. Could you predict that Hornets WINNER over Kings you had Down by 8 with ball 1.53 left Great win for you Loser for me. Didn’t know MOTEL 6 has garages. Haha Whats update with Slime ball Steve bet Good luck today

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