Tuesday, February 23, 2021: Get daily free sports picks, sports betting tips and advice from Teddy Covers and The Prez Monday through Friday on WagerTalk Today. On every show, the Dynamic Duo break down the biggest games on the board with special guest handicappers, giving out free NBA, college basketball, NHL, soccer and UFC picks, and they check-in with elite Vegas bookmakers to get legit inside info from real-life sharps.

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On Tuesday’s show, WagerTalk’s social media correspondent Ruby Vereen makes her WagerTalk Today debut. She discusses her betting background and approach to wagering, specifically in the NBA. Oddsmaker Dave Sharapan joins Prez and Teddy to discuss the betting markets, and Prez takes a look at tonight’s action in the NHL.

📺 Teddy Covers and Prez discuss the “Big Game Breakdown”, handicapping the biggest game on the card across all sports – NFL, College Football, MLB and beyond. Teddy breaks down his 6B’s segment: Bad Beats, Bad Bets and Bad for the Books.

📈 📉 WagerTalk Today goes behind the counter to get a look at the public and sharp betting action with a special guest each day.

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  1. as per the coarse i had 2 straight bets last night on washington plus 7 and under 229.i watched some of the 4th quarter the refs were brutAAAAL.lebron got 2 easy layups and the ref called a foul on washington to put him on the line.he wasnt even touched by a fingernail.it was a joke.the refs even called a foul on the lakers as the washington guy made a layup.not even touched or breathed on.thats why its hard more me to watch a nba game for more than 10 min.i love thw nba and make bets every day and lots of in game..

  2. you should have already sold all crypto and then wait until it starts going up and pick a couple spots

  3. Yea, definitely bring Ruby back Alot. cut out about half of Steve Merrill’s spots and give them to Ruby and then cut out about two thirds of McInnis spots and wAgertAlk would improve over 133%!!!

  4. Minty colored her hair?
    Prez, with trading, you have to stick with your plan.
    If your plan was to hold it, then hold it.
    If your plan was to sell it, then sell it.
    If you want to make things easier then have a plan set up.
    I have a hold position but others are more active.
    If you have a low pain threshold then set a 20 moving average on the chart and when it goes below that, then sell.
    When it goes above that then buy it, imo.
    You can do the same with structure.
    As higher highs and higher lows means an uptrend and vice versa.
    So the 1st sign of a counter trend structure break and you can end your hold.
    Alot of ways to do it, good luck buddy.
    If ya need help breaking down a chart, let me know.

  5. the usually good teams that have been down are playing better.Duke/kentucky/michigan st/memphis/north carolina

  6. the prez is the gordon gecko of the making money world.he is about making money and there is no shame in his game.

  7. take some reallity pills.these nba players who have a little down time are not studing game film on there opponents for 3 days and staying off watching leave it to beaver re-runs.they see a little down time and there plotting what they can get into.now that is REALITTY.

  8. I could see it on the Prez’s face… he had some heavy $ on the Coyotes… I thought about taking them live when they were down, it was +2200 but I slipped and didn’t put it in.

  9. she’s clearly not a hard core handicapper, she must’ve felt some awkward when she was asked that question…

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