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  1. I had cowboys +11 … Lol.
    What a shity team. I think I’ll keep an eye on them to bet against them.

    Today in UCL I don’t have sure bets but I did a parlay on bayerns game under 4.5 Liverpool game under 4.5 Barcelona Juventus both score inter under 4.5. monchengladback +2.

    Good luck.

  2. can I myself research money distribution and seeing where large bettors place their money ?? Or do i need a private data base?

  3. Post COVID-19 Hiatus FREE Play Results
    Monday, October 26, 2020
    2-1 (66.67%) +0.74 unit
    YTD: 180-137-7 (56.78%) +35.07 units
    2U Plays: 31-24 (56.36%) +9.33 units
    3U Plays: 1-0 (100%) +3.00 units

    ⚽️EPL: Brighton 3-Way ML -136 over West Brom = LOSS -1.36 unit
    ⚽️EPL: Brighton – West Brom UNDER 2.5 goals +110 = WIN +1.10 unit
    🏈NFL: Chicago Bears – Los Angeles Rams UNDER 45 -115 = WIN +1.00 unit

    You should’ve released that player prop of Robert Woods UNDER 59.5 -115 receiving yards as an official play. That was easy money. Onto Tuesday! See you then! 😎👍

  4. I nailed a +6500 yesterday…
    KC D/ST with 2 TD’s in the snow. Only $2 bet, but made like 10 additional units 👍

  5. Hey Ryan! Brand New subscriber here! If you’ve already addressed this in a previous video please point me to it. I just discovered your channel and have only watched 5-6 videos so far but I’m really digging the content! I’m starting the “Unit” method today & I’m wondering if you recommend placing a different amount of unit bets on different types of bets i.e. do you prefer to bet 1 unit on things like ML -115 vs. .5 units on things like player props that are +200, etc? Thanks!

  6. Free picks are amazing whether they go our way or not. Wanna know why? They are freaking free from an expert

  7. A cautionary tale about parlays with myself yesterday. $30 7 team parlay, last game sehawks money line. so that one hurt bad… just for people hearing that 10 teamer and getting excited.

  8. Parlay addiction is real and way more dangerous than sex, meth, heroin or opioid. I am training to be the world’s first psychiatrist who specializes in this type of addiction- by betting parlay after parlay.

  9. Apologies Ryan, I tailed soccer for the first time with Brighton. They gave up a really late goal to draw which is par for the course. I say this because EVERY time I bet soccer (usually small 3 team parlays where I lay $30-50) one team gets scored on late to draw and I lose. Happened again…drives me insane.

    Like the Bears and the Under. No way I’d touch the Rams as you said

  10. robert woods receiving yards is 55.5 at pinnacle. I am not complaining but its not the 1st time the lines you give out are simply unavailable.

  11. Im in it for recreation and your picks are keeping me in the black. I have to bet nfl night games so I can watch. if you dont give a pick Ill put $5 on my choice. I also bet parlays (5-10 nfl teams) for a couple of bucks. Even with my ineptitude youre Im ahead because of your picks. I hit those parlays 2 or 3 times a year so….. I actually quit betting for years until I matured enough to be able to control my betting. I like you too because youre personable and a regular guy. So many guys who do what you do seem like assholes.

  12. We’ve been killing the soccer picks for sure. Any chance you could do a masterclass video with your soccer systems at some point?

  13. No need to apologize brother, most people don’t come to the page saying thank you for every W they get from your picks. It’s called gambling for a reason – none of us know the outcome til’ it’s played out.

  14. I hit a 7 team parlay for 13 for 115 but I had other str8 bets parlays are good but not good for long term success

  15. No apologies needed ever needed we got the choice to tail , we know what to expect and we win long term !

  16. Bender – I need about 10 points from Robert woods to win me my fantasy game tonight. That is not what I wanted to hear😂

  17. I actually had a cash out option so I cashed out before I was too late but win or lose it happens and like you always say it’s all
    About the value 😂😂

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