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In the 1980’s various non-Italian lieutenants, like the Jewish Allen Hilf and the Syrian Freddy Salem, became the Detroit Cosa Nostra families biggest earners. Several of the most high profile local athletes were caught up in the mix.
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  1. Where is the video that’s specific about how the Feds targeted Steward, Hearns and Kronk? I can’t find it for some reason.

  2. The money from Allen was extorted after his partner lost Home Juice to the Giacolones. gambling. N.C DDay LaRene was disbarred for a year or so he’s quite a character.

  3. Jesus Christ dude. You in major need of more training on how to make a video. Round 3 min. Mark . You have background singers much louder almost screaming stage than your own voice. If we wanted loud singing we go to MTV or something else. Go back school rookie. I quit watching right after 3 min Mark. Waste of my 3 minutes. Owe me 2 Advil.

  4. Detroit are old school they’re the silent mob, the secret society not like them lot in New York. They’ve probably held on to their political connections as well.

  5. Billy Jack just looked like a badass for sure. Those one legged dude’s like Joe Morgan of Le Eme are tough guys.Al’s new club has se great content and more every day.

  6. How many of you have shot dice or played poker in someone’s house??? They really make a simple thing sound like a big conspiracy

  7. Zeke name was in that book in the early 90s. Magic and Jordan. Magic was accused of throwing games or shaving. Jordan wasn’t supposed to win th e finals vs Phoenix

  8. Hopin to hear more! I work right down there at the market. Ton of Italian names, though mostly they’re legit. Big names in the 90s that are now only history. I deal with alot of these (free, mainly next generation, law abiding) guys on the daily. I can only imagine some of the stories these guys have.

  9. Al Profit that’s fucked up how you mention all this crime being committed by these white boys yet your choose to title after to historic black athletes who you only mention briefly about some gambling bs. Way to dirty up the black man some more good one…

  10. Come on Al you are the best doing gangster docs, no need to do click bait titles or repeat info. Your to talented

  11. Al has helped save me money. By cutting the greedy wire of the cable companies. So I buy his work out of respect.
    Thank you sir

  12. Love all this thorough Detroit mob stuff- its invisible to mainstream so-called (in my AL profit voice) mob fans. But I swear I be seeing these vids dropping like, didn’t I already see this one? Wish u could like order these in a chronological way so it playlisted like a story through the eras

  13. The Chaldeans in the liquor stores😂😂 … knowing them they were just happy to meet Isaiah Thomas and would do anything he asked .

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