Rockstar just posted their Diamond Program for the upcoming Casino update for GTA 5 Online. You’ll get exclusive rewards for completing the Diamond Casino missions for Tao Cheng and Agatha Baker.

The new update will hit tomorrow July 23rd and will be available for Ps4, Xbox One and PC.

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Diamond Casino and Resort DLC | New screenshots, news and exclusive rewards (GTA Online)


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  1. This is actually bullshit, i did absolutely everything twice and got none of the rewards. Thanks rockstar!

  2. I just wanna notification from rockstar with a release date on GTA6 so fucking tired of Gta5 it sucked it was short it was made for this bullshit gtaonline

  3. Isn’t it great to see a nice short video on the Casino that explains it, right to the point and no speculation. MrToss take note, THIS is how to do it…and look, just one short video. Not 70+ with sometimes 3 of them in a day! @Sonny Evans, thank you.

  4. I’m going to miss this as I’m going to be staying at a luxury resort in Vietnam until the 7th lol.

  5. I think the build up to a dlc is more fun than the dlc itself. Maybe this one wil be different.

  6. Umm… 23rd here, where is it!
    Oh wait, I forgot it’s American time so 22nd.
    Oh, also it’s my birthday today

  7. Greetings folks i liked testdrive unlimited 2 on xbox360 better u got 2 island ibiza and hawai and both island have casino’s much better on gta5 trust me.

  8. All of you people raving about gta 5 diamond casino. But I’m over here destroying gta san andreas with mods

  9. It’s sad because when I viewed MrBossFTW channel, he has made an outstanding total of 60+ videos about the casino within a MONTH. All he cares about is getting views instead of being truthful to his viewers 🤦🏽‍♂️.

  10. Some people received their twitch Prime benefits twice? That’s nice.. I still haven’t gotten mine one!

  11. Wow a SUPER EXCLUSIVE piece of artwork!

    (that literally everybody will have who is even the lowest penthouse tier owner…)

  12. I just really, REALLY hope I don‘t need at least 3 other people to do the co-op missions. I‘d be happy if I could complete all missions with only 1 friend (or even solo).

  13. tomorow it would be sick if someone raids his stream
    but if hes on pc whats his crew so i can body him on his stream

  14. Didn’t R* say that if we completed the missions we get a ‘highly coveted brand new vehicle for free’? Since when did a Livery become a ‘highly coveted vehicle’?

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