Does The TAPE On A Dollar Hack ACTUALLY Work In A Vending Machine??

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  1. You may want to try two pieces 9f tape that face each other so that there are no sticky sections to gum up the collector, as well as give more support for pulling the bill out.

  2. You doing it wrong you have to tap both sides where no sticky are exposed. And long enough to get accepted.

  3. Tried it, it ripped my bill. It read it, stored it, and then when I’d pull, it’d come ripped apart. I don’t know what’s causing this damage to the bill.

  4. This shit works 100% but u did it wrong, or you actually make it look like it doesnt work because youf scenario is poor

  5. You used the wrong tape you need to use clear ductape and at the end of the dollar do about an inch and then put the dollar in and quickly pull it out it gives you more surface to pull. You used strip tape

  6. Jaime, bring extra product always. You loose money. Always keep the machine full. Don’t loose the opportunity to make $$$$. Willie

  7. Plot Twist: They Are The Thief And Using Someone's else Money And Vending Machine is Also Not Their's!

  8. Video could've been over in 10 seconds.. Fuck you dislike and I'm not watching the rest of this shit

  9. Not to be thatperson but thats dumb you gotta put the tap over the sticky part so it doesnt stick and buy some better tape to

  10. dont try with a little tape you should buy the 7 dollors tape cus its not gonna work for little tape thanks me later

  11. fyi you have to put tape on both sides no sticky parts exposed and form an H. The horizontal part of the H should be right over the green stamp about 3/4 ways down the bill. make sure you do both sides all the way out at least another 6 inches past the edge of the bill.. nothing in the middle hanging out. this allows the wheels to slip over the tape and after acceptor determines bill denomination you can retrieve it.. i believe it only works on coca cola machines.

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