During this video, we will be discussing some strategies when it comes to Super Bowl Prop Bets and I can help you win

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Do’s and Don’ts When Placing Super Bowl Prop Bets
This is a huge week for us and in this week’s videos we will be previewing the game, as well breaking down all of the proposition wagers that will be available in the game and present a tremendous opportunity to find great value. We also have special video about “live” and “in play” betting tips and, of course, we have videos with our picks on the side and total of Super Bowl 55.
betting all of these different wagers can be a lot of fun, but it can also be dangerous to your bankroll, so let’s go over a few key props bet tips and strategies.
My Number 1 rule is to try and lean your portfolio of bets toward “under.”
There will be a lot of “public” bettors plunking down their money on this game and most recreational bettors like to bet over. They want to have fun. They want to root for points. They don’t want to sit there and root for things to happen. But guess what? The bookmakers know this and that’s why they tend to shade most of their numbers to the over on reception yards, passing yards, total TDs, etc. And that means you are likely to find more value in betting under rather than over.

Secondly, if you are betting overs, you want to place your wagers early in the week and if you are betting under, you want to wait until closer to kickoff on Sunday. The reason here is simple.
About 80 percent of all of the Super Bowl handle will come into the sportsbooks this Saturday and Sunday. And, as I mentioned in rule number one, most of the public will be betting overs.
Having said that, in most cases, if a line is going to be adjusted by the books, it is more likely to go up as the week goes along and the public goes to the betting window, rather than going down. So, keep that in mind this week. If you are betting prop bets to go under, you will probably get a better or higher number later in the week and into Sunday morning.

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My third tip for betting Super Bowl propositions is to try and stay away from wagers in which there are multiple options, or what I like to call the “needle in the haystack” bets.
For example, bookmakers love it when you bet on something like “Who will score the first touchdown of the game” or “How many yards will the first touchdown of the game be” or “Who will win the MVP”
Yes, you will get bigger odds on these bets and you can try to “bet a little to win a lot” but the bottom line is that these kinds of bets can offer a dozen or more different results, but only one of them is going to cash. The bookmakers can add in a lot of extra vig on these wagers, so my advice is to stick to prop bets that have just a “Yes” or “No” like “Will Tom Brady throw an interception” or “Will there be a score in the first 2 minutes of the game,” or ones that are based off one single number, such as “Total Rushing Yards for the KC Chiefs” or “Receiving Yards for Rob Gronkowski”
Trust me, you will have much more success, in the long run, staying away from the “needle in the haystack bets” that the bookies really want you to jump in on.
Finally, my fourth tip is “Don’t stack the deck,” meaning don’t bet multiple props that all tend to lean toward a certain side or total of the game. For instance, if your prop bet portfolio has a list of bets that include Over Passing Yards for Patrick Mahomes, Over Receiving Yards for Travis Kelsey, Under Receiving Yards for Mike Evans and KC to have more first downs in the game, those are all slanted towards the Chiefs winning the game.
If you like all of these bets you are better off just playing KC minus the three points, because if they can’t cover that point spread, you are more than likely going to end up losing with your prop bets. The lesson here is to try and diversify when it comes to what prop bets you make.

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