Police have charged dozens of people and seized millions of dollars in cash following a months-long investigation into an alleged illegal gambling operation in Markham. York Regional Police have released video of the assets seized during the bust.

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  1. I have seen that house being build from ground up for many years and its on a grand scale, now i know its not actually a house but a gambling den.

  2. WOW! They just banned assault weapons!!!!!!! How did they get that AR-47, if assault weapons are banned?!?!??!

  3. The casino posed absolutely zero danger to the public. Its insane that they were even raided in the first place as it is a private home. Are they going to start raiding personal poker games too now? The real enemy are the heavily armed police that came to arrest them. The same police that raids churches and fines people for moronic mask mandates. The same police that stands idle during domestic terrorism attacks by ‘antifa’.

  4. We’re kinda funny in our society. Everything that was going on in this place illegally is going on in many other locations in Ontario legally!
    The only difference is that private people (aka “organized crime”) were making the profit, instead of the government.
    With this operation the government has, with force, eliminated the competition. When they do it, it’s legal. When private people do it, it’s illegal!
    I’m sorry… I just find this hypocrisy… “kinda funny.” I do hope that the assets “seized” at least cover the costs of the bust.
    I’m also old enough to understand that organized crime does a lot of bad things… just like I understand that the government does a lot of bad things as well.

  5. “I’m shocked! shocked to find gambling going on in here”
    “your winnings sir.”
    “oh, thank you very much”

  6. Rich man’s dream to get richer !! Looks like they were catering to the elite. Do they now wash all of that money lol

  7. You should all know that government has the only right to gamble and sell alcohol. So get back to work sheeple.

  8. public servants looking for some cash handouts, pathetic excuse for humans. Get out there and earn you loosers!

  9. I wonder who you had to know to get an invite to that place. I would have loved to have played a little poker there once

  10. They were just making a sequel to a movie .I think there was a drone watching I saw 1 the other night above me .wouldn’t be surprised the government wants us all under serveilance there so FN corrupt

  11. Whata waste ,all that money now in the real gangsters hands,i hate seeing busts like this,,,ya im crooked, think they have enough cops on this bust,whata joke

  12. that was one of the stupidest bust ive ever seen. What a waste of time & resource. Police should go after the real criminals

  13. Why cant you run a casino in your own home? Other than guns and drugs. It should be okay. Big house
    enough space to social distance. Ftp

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