How you can make the right calls in Football betting to make a sizeable profit? In this video, I’ll talk about the pre-match BTTS strategy to increase your winning chances on Both Teams to Score in Football. Check my previous video on Premier League:

InfoGol stats:

0:00 Why Both Teams to Score is a popular betting market
0:52 Statistical analysis of BTTS
2:16 Finding the right Football games for BTTS
3:08 Football statistics on Infogol

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In this video, Caan Berry is sharing an easy BTTS strategy to make money with football betting.

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  1. Am a lady living in Dubai , and I do love betting on sports, I know what you will think but I do bet responsibly. I do make use of strategies gotten from the forex market effectively.

  2. Your video makes sense except that the oddmakers also know which teams outdo the average btts odds and so they change the odds accordingly!

  3. I have some success with BTTS, usually in English lower leagues…. I often see success from 55% or higher. If your inclined to do accas, I’d say 3-4 matches @ 54% or higher. I know this is pure betting but I have seen a 4 out of 6 return on this.

  4. I’m always 1 away on my btts bets lol
    5 matches 9/10 score
    6 matches 11/12
    8 matches 14 /16 then 1 will score in injury time to make it 1 away again 😂 sometimes this happens on a daily basis

  5. Fot the BTTS market i wait until they have been playing for 20 minutes. If a goal has been scored i ignore the game and move on to the next one. If not the price will have drifted to well above evens. So i place a bet on yes. With this method i only need a 50% success rate to make a profit.

  6. Love to see the bookmaker u use that gives most btts min 1.9 odds. That’s complete horse shit

  7. as a trade I always thought back 0-0 for lets say 100 pounds at 12 /1 , using the 1100 profit back both teams to score , the price should then come in after one goal, hopefully you make enough to cover the 100 pound lost on the 0-0 and make a bit of profit also, if its say 0-0 up to around the 70 min mark trade that out for a profit, take the loss on the both teams to score, dont really trade football , the example would be something like back 0-0 for [email protected] 12/1 / 3/1 = 300, back btts at evens for 1100 / 4/1 =450 loss, over all loss 150, not right sure howbtts ods move but if there is a goal would look something like, back btts evens 1100 / 1.5 = 540 profit minus 100 staked, I think youd probably need to get an even matched game , maybe the odds dont move much after a goal, I dont know just a thought.

  8. Sir I am student I want learn from you every odds meaning explain and how to guess correct score football match

  9. hey mate quick question about startup capital, should I set aside say a grand and use that or build a bankroll from a low amount cheers

  10. What I do is when a team that is lower in the table have scored at least one goal within the match against a team that is higher than them by some distance and if they are at home, then I would place the bet then for btts. The chance is way more likely and the winnings are a lot.

  11. I’m new to this industry. How does people bet? Did they bet on a single match and win a lots of $$ .

  12. Thanks Caan very clear and useful. I especially like the Stats websites you recommended – the Infogol site is user friendly and a huge help

  13. Good afternoon viewers ▶️

    Unfortunate for those with little to no manners, the unwritten rules for engagement are respect and be respected.

  14. Hi caan. Do you think Betfairs new exchange simulator should include early & extended suspensions along with API & site outages to give new customers a feel for the website?

  15. guys look at this predict the football score and let the power and ‘wisdom of the crowd’ reveal the score at 14:00 on Saturday, 1 hour before kick off – Can we the collective crowd accurately predict the score?

  16. I wonder, you’re making more football video’s lately. Are you considering to trade football markets the way you trade horse?

  17. When Liverpool play Arsenal in the next round of the league cup I’m betting on BTTS in both halves and also above 4.5 goals

  18. Many thanks, I been tryin to find out about “what is a football tipster on tv” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Arnatthew Uncomplicated Ascendancy – (just google it ) ? It is a great one off product for discovering how to get a betting method that is unique without the headache. Ive heard some decent things about it and my buddy got great success with it.

  19. I assume once the research is done we just back the BTTS on the exchange amd await the result.
    Cheers Caan for the advice and direction im struggling a bit with Football trading have lost quite a bit doing the under 2.5 market following Ben Michaels strategys

  20. Cheers Caan…just in time for a big footy Saturday tomorrow..I will let you know how I get on 😉….then again feel free to throw some selections my way to save me the leg work 😜

  21. Another great video thanks. I am learning a lot from following you and appreciate the amount of real, usable information you share in your free content

  22. Hello Caan. You’ve mentioned watching the match a couple of times on several videos. Is it possible to make Money from football trading strategies using in play stats rather than watching the game Itself? I’m not the sort of person that’s able to read matches and prefer to look at the facts when making Decisions ie shots, shots on target, rating, attack momentum etc. I use the resources on goalprofits and Sofascore to do this.

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