This video is dedicated to my AWESOME 5,000+ subscribers! The BIGGEST Jackpot on YouTube caught LIVE for $20/spin on Double Diamond Deluxe! This video was shot in June at Mohegan Sun, when I only had 6 subscribers and was learning every day how to become a better YT slot channel! Thank you for all of your support, Thumbs Up, constructive comments, subscribing and of course watching my videos! This has truly been an AWESOME & surreal experience, and I am so happy to share it with you and as you will see and hear, I was in SHOCK (Down to my last 2 spins in the machine too) I know you will enjoy this amazing video! Cheers!

If you have not watched the video already, I think it is best viewed on your computer or streamed to TV. I always watched my videos on my laptop in the beginning, (Even filmed vertically) 🙁 and only with feedback from you, I learned to get the right side of the machine to show the credits won and credits left in the machine! (On TV or computer the left side is clearly visible and I thought that was okay!) I’ve learned that the vast majority of viewers use their smart phones to watch, and we can’t enlarge the picture on YT!!!

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  1. I'm gonna watch this every time I go to Table Mountain to remind myself that it is possible. ☺ congrats!!

  2. I love that it went down to just $20 of credits left before he made his comeback (and then some, hahaha)!

  3. Congrats!! Just out of curiosity, is it appropriate to tip when winning like this? I've been told yes and no and always wondered if so, what would you give them for a hand pay? I see some people always tip, even on smaller wins at tables and others who do not, whether it's at the slots or roulette for example.

  4. did you buy the machine after?? or did they at least offer that to you ive been curious how people go about doing that, because i own 2 double diamonds and a triple diamonds machine that apparently were originally bought straight from a few casinos in vegas

  5. There's a 97million jackpot video off of 100,000 per spin hit on a Cleopatra machine on YouTube.

  6. I'm surprised the casino didn't say they won't pay because the machine has malfunctioned like they usually do, but l guess the payout wasn't in the millions when they do that!!!

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