The new studio table has arrived. This spawns a conversation about how Captain Evil makes every decision for the couple. Every single decision. Even the decisions that Steve makes – it’s actually Captain Evil making the decisions.

BIG NEWS – Steve is filming his new special this week. Topics also include casinos, pancakes and punching bags… and that’s what you call a Segway.

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  1. The majority of the podcast, I was thinking, Steve is an idiot, until the last five minutes when he acknowledged the important things and how Renae compromises when it comes to those things. Ok, you finally win one.

  2. Renae, girl how do you do it, I legit cry ALL THE TIME, even when me and my hubby argue, I hate it. Lol

  3. No Steve I have been to 5 ihops in two different states and they ALL have been TERRIBLE. Sad to say.
    I will NEVER go back to any of their locations.

  4. Renae I have a screenshot of a message from Steve that he said he said for you to go ahead and get ur pantry door with the glass 😉🤣🤣🤣

  5. cant wait to see you in waco texas tomorrow night!!!! saw you here in waco in october and your wife was pregnant. beautiful couple!

  6. The table looks awesome.
    I’m the same way, I won’t put up with the shit I dish out. If my boyfriend pulled a me he would never hear the end of it. He picks and choices his battles with me.
    I love the podcast, you guys are great. ❤️

  7. I disagree with that guy…..I’m married and I know first hand that this is the truth and to me the true stuff is the funniest stuff!! I love how open you guys are and it just shows everyone that celebrities are normal people with normal problems and tjat relates with a huge audience!! Love your comedy and can’t wait for your next stand up !!

  8. Haha i like how the ending goes when both of them admit and agree about how they compromised with making decision..

  9. This is what I look forward to on Fridays! I’m so happy you guys moved it to Friday’s, it sets me up to have a good weekend 😘

  10. Love you guys! And the table is beautiful. I love that you touched on the importance of your core values on raising your kids. Its so true the little things don’t matter. Keep doing what ur doing!

  11. So…the Jew paid, lol! 😂

    At 41 mins, Amen! That is truly what’s most important. The Bible tells us marriage is not easy (joy). The world tells us if you’re not “happy” then get divorced. The hard road is narrow, and leads to the river and tree of life (your table).

  12. Getting older and getting injured sucks. I slipped and dislocated my shoulder 10 years ago and still dealing with it. The table is awesome looking.

  13. I love that Steve says he hates this episode and how off track it got😂😂😂. I laughed a good majority of the episode and honestly it was probably one of my favorite ones just because of the realness behind it lol💕😂👏💯. I laughed so hard when he said “you don’t ever cry when we argue when I say I’m going to leave you look at me Stone Cold and say go ahead” and you just look at him and said “empty threats” lmao thats so me and my hubby LMFAO 🤣🤣🤣

  14. Put an zen on it, blk n white symbol, its an beautiful table. Keep up your comedy Steve
    I enjoy your podcast w/Cpt. Evil , if you can stop by Santa Fe,NM.

  15. Great podcast as always! Ranae if y’all ever get a chance I would love to hear how y’all handled Steve’s job and raising a baby as far as him being gone at night. I’ve been on nights for about three years and me and my wife have a 6 month old now and it’s definitely some new challenges lol love you guys! #TeamTankTop

  16. Steve… enjoyed your stand up and now your podcast is good too. How ever you need to show some class in your appearance. Your tank top is not a good look.

  17. Love the table! Getting married in a few months and can’t wait to move out. Looking forward to running the interior design department in my future household. Lots of love from Oregon! Come to Portland when it’s open!

  18. The table is a beautiful piece of art … Renae chose well .. great podcast as usual.. can’t wait to watch the new special.. and I am very happy the baby is feeling better…🤗🦋

  19. 1:12 in and I can’t stop from laughing! I’m only 4’11” and you look so freaking short Steve! Check out the under the table shots! Laughing and loving y’all!

  20. I have to say that the both are great and just love each other. Just keep being u and live life to the fullest

  21. I shouldn’t be up right now BUT this is so worth it! Thank you for the podcasts and laughter that comes with all of your uploads. Hope ya are staying safe, careful and healthy. Sending love and support from NYC!

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