Expense Benter is one of the most effective bettor you’ve never ever come across. After being outlawed from Vegas for defeating your house at Blackjack, he relied on Hong Kong where he developed a system that can forecast the steeds. Around a billion bucks later on, this is his tale.

Video Clip by Tom Gibson


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  9. These people explained nothing about the actual stats used, this is a terrible piece of journalism

  10. Would love to know what he does now. Could he have used those predictive models and applied them to the financial markets like Jim Simons?

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  12. How? Go into the future, steal a book on all competition results in history, travel bck in the past, and bet on the winning teams. Sound familiar?

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  18. Of course, this was back in the day before Betfair came along. I’ve been using Betfair for 14 years – I use a robot (Fairbot) – and it is the only guaranteed way to make money on horse racing!

  19. Bet £1 on a 30 horse accumulator where all selections are around odds of evens you’ll end up with one billion pounds….if they all win.

  20. Cheating has many forms and tricks. One thing for certain. the word billionaire has something to do with thievery .

  21. Who said he disappeared possible the welfare of the horses and had to wait 30 year for the yearling crop lines a project simmering on back burner had a agenda in the works though

  22. 🐎 racing is so exciting and fun. I once won 😁 98$ on a 2$ bet. That was my first time betting. Tempting 😅

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  24. Successfull people don’t become that way overnight. most people see at a glance-wealth, a great career, purpose-is the result of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life..

  25. I rate bitcoinsamurai 5 stars!!! And 6 if there’s a space for that. Warning for newcomers: the days feels like decades to complete after investing.
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  26. Make 1 billion ?
    How about loosing everything even the shirt on ur back.
    House, wife , kids , friends.
    So yea the loss would be a billion.

  27. The best investment anyone can make at the moment is investing into bitcoin and the crypto market

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  30. I read a university study that a fair amount of past performance data in the DRF is not accurate; enough so to screw most “Pace” handicappers.

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  34. guess what … a lot of what this guy said is in fact not true…ive been betting horses for 40 years and it just doesnt work
    that way… now im not saying they couldnt make money but not the kind they are trying to portray….pure fantasy

  35. ..horse racing is the stock market for the poor…..those who think they know will never share…the track wins…it takes around 17% off the top….

  36. I have the secret to it. Start with 100 billion and eventually you will get down to one billion. Lol

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  39. As for horses..I know I’m in the top 5% of the best.. I’ve helped people who like betting favorites..looking for better payout..some never want a winner but a horse that might win at a decent price.

  40. I think you are better off keeping track of small cards..so you can double on soft 18s hit 12;and 13 against small cards with success

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