Unimaginable! Dylan Hogan and Wanaasah lead the entire approach round and win in outstanding trend at Wolverhampton…

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  1. Why other jockeys let that horse pulled away. Is this what you call give away race. Other jockeys have poor descision are they really jockey? You have no match with filipino jockeys when it comes to strategy.

  2. Молодец жокей, рассчитал силы лошади, не стал идти в общей группе.

  3. The winner is a beast, good chase by the second horse, but nothing was gonna catch him on that day.

  4. funny how its an extraordinary race when the exact same thing happend at newcastle 2 years beforehand with so called apprentice jockeys so a completely different set of jockeys made the EXACT same mistake becuase thats what was blamed the first time lol sickening

  5. if the winner was my horse i would fire the jockey. What an idiot whipping for no reason on the last leg then looking back and seeing his efforts completely unnecessary. Men will drive us to extinction

  6. All those jockeys at the back especially the fav, who not only allowed his mount to get boxed in trying to manoeuvre the horse to the outside 3 furlongs out of in a 2 mile race to only finish 4th 5-6 lengths down & unplaced to boot, Shocking rides by the all expect the winner & if that wasn’t bad enough its next race it finished plump last at 6-4 fav Just gores to prove how shocking this race was by those other jockeys ,

  7. Now that’s a real horse race! I love the distance races, but they are practically non-existent in Canada and the US. Mostly sprints. I remember the classic distance champion Kelso, who won the Jockey Club Gold Cup 5 times in a row–when it was 21/2 miles. Kelso was amazing.

  8. Ohhhh, my god who ever liked this video and laughed you are a FUCKING PSYCHO! This video is showing horses that are running as fast as they can and suffering! Because the racer on top is forcing the horse to run, and that’s horse ( animal ) abuse! Apparently no one knows it and thinks this is funny. This is one of the many ways to kill a horse! And plus they don’t even care about the horse, however won doesn’t even care if his horse is ok! They only want to win, they are treating there horse like a toy! #animalabuse #horsesuffering

  9. I don’t think the winner beat much but there’s no doubt it can stay. This year’s Melbourne cup was won in similar fashion by an English stayer I might add.

  10. Si vous voulez gagner aux courses, surtout ne pas écouter les pronostiqueurs qui sont payer pour vous induire en erreur et par logique vous faire perdre ..A notre époque ,grâce à l’informatique vous êtes sur de perdre aux courses ,car il n’y a pas plus grande magouille que dans ce jeu .Je me souviens de l’époque ou l’on poinçonné nos tickets on gagnait bien plus souvent normal ils ne pouvaient contrôler nos jeux en avance comme aujourd’hui ..

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  13. It’s not rocket science , the horse that runs fastest wins the race , , too many jockeys arse around , trying to look clever ,

  14. The horse that won that race was beaten out of sight next time! Which leads me to believe that race was fixed. Otherwise known as a put up race.

  15. Wow what a horse to keep that up

    Excellent ride and tactics

    They knew he would wipe them all out!!!

    Hopefully he was 25/1 or something nice

  16. Single horse race n 2nd no. Horse also have gud follow straight
    It’s like only favorate horse race

  17. The jockey should be whipped, why did he whip the horse so many times in last furlong.
    With a lead that big !!! Fucking dickhead

  18. A horse wins because it’s a front runner and it doesn’t get caught, it happens every day, I don’t understand why it’s “remarkable”

  19. Aaahhh yes we will blame it on pilot error🤔🤔 the other jockeys thought there was still 2 laps to go😂😂😂😂lol

  20. I don’t back any horses in UK, 50% races fixed and races like this are pure evil. How stupid to let a horse get 15 lengths at start. Only race’s I do are National Hunt and Mullins or Elliot in Ireland. UK handicaps Monday to Friday are fixed or impossible to work out, so why throw money down the toilet. Milton Bradley destroyed UK horses racing permanently, especially low grade races. I know most Grade 123s are OK and listed and races with big prize money but everything else is open to the fixers. Worst trainer of all time in my opinion, for race fixing, was Ferdy Murphy, he was so blatant he didn’t even care it was so obvious.ps I haven’t lost 1p on UK flat horse racing in ten years because I’ve bet 0p on it.

  21. lol as though nobody knows horse racing isnt fixed lol, just hope you bet the same as the fiddlers

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