What drama…

December twenty seventh 2017, the Leopardstown Christmas Pageant and the Grade 1 Paddy Energy Future Champions Novice Hurdle – not the end you’d anticipate three hurdles from the end!

Simply seven runners, however reversing fortunes and excessive drama involving favorite Mengli Khan and others as well…

Fortunately, all horses and riders emerged unscathed.

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  1. … and even far ahead of the rest those morons start to beat the living sh*t out of their horses who already are giving everything. Can’t understand it.

  2. And they complain American horse racing is inhumane. These horses run 5 miles and have to leap hurdles non stop being pushed for 14 minutes. The longest American races are a mile and a half usually and no jumping.

  3. The horse who followed him will win the Supreme Novices, and I’m not talking about Le Richebourg 😉

  4. The amazing thing about this is both falls at the end were totally unconnected to each other (other than they were both trained by Willie Mullins of course) – and he still manages to pick up the race. Lol. Just another day in ireland

  5. Dont you just hate it when that happens you start adding up ya winnings then you stand there for ten minutes thinking please tell me that didn’t just happen 🐴

  6. Thank fuck i was too late for this race and got my stake back, as my Horse fell at the last! 👍

  7. Did you guys know that a racehorse dies every day on the race track because people are putting drugs in them?

  8. Yeah had 7 going on to the fucking winner until the last set up is the only thing can think of!

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