In case you’ve ever checked out every day market movers in horse racing, this is a vital watch. Utilizing the market movers function on On the Races and different comparable websites can typically be complicated. Right here, we clarify every thing it’s worthwhile to learn about every day market movers and extra…

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Why tipsters by no means lose:
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Bet365 refuse winners:

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It is a video for informational functions about every day market movers in horse racing with on the races.

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  1. I’ve long suspected that sometimes bookmakers will shorten prices on horses on purpose (without money being bet) to give the impression that it’s being supported heavily, to try and entice people into blindly backing a horse.

  2. Chapman always getting over excited on ITV Racing about the steamers/drifters and if you’re watching the exchange quite often you see the price has already bounced the opposite way to what he is telling all the viewers.

  3. I love horses that firm in the market.. very informative #betterapproachtolife

  4. Solid Gold video and thanks for doing this one…Btw the red transparent colors on every horse within the betfair exchange market screen, how do i turn this indicator on in the settings mode, haven’t seen it before?

  5. How do you think betfred weekend pushes effect betfair ? Interested to have a discussion about this in more detail

  6. Can you do a video on NAPs please Caan. I used a couple of sites off google that showed naps of the day and the first 4 times they actually came in. However since then its turned out to be a loss more othen than not. The sites were and they both show a nap of the day. Your expert thoughts on this in a vid would really help me out.
    Cheers mucker 👍

  7. today Uk horse/place every second is voided and these what not void were losing bets ,new scaming method?

  8. Cheers Caan. It is only over the last couple of weeks since I’ve gotten into horse racing. At the moment I’m still getting used to the Betfair Exchange and all the information it provides. Working on getting a reasonable bank roll together and understanding the Exchange before I start trading.

  9. I’d like to hear your opinion on why it seems paddy power seem to have the best price on ‘interesting horses’ when nearly every other bookie seems to have a shorter price. You’ll see the table on the At The Races website

  10. Ratib won though.

    And just now Gabynako was a “steamer” and won as well.

    I think the more telling information on market movement is when something goes from 20s into 5-2 from sustained support. Like Dreal Deal did originally on his first win.

    The opposite to this, something to be careful of is when a horse goes from 20s into 8s… These super rarely come off. Eoin McCarthy had 2 gambles come off recently, both horses went from 14-1 (or close to it) into a quite short 7-2.

    After this happened, he had one runner left and it went from 12-1 or 9-1 (depending where you look) into 5-1 and never got much shorter. It drifted out back out to 9-1 shortly before the off.. low and behold, it didn’t win.

    My understanding is… Bookies know how much they’re going to lose. They won’t want to take a grand on at 8-1 (having been 20s) so if there’s been proper money on a horse and it really suggests it’s going to win, they’re going to cut that 20-1 into as close to evens as they possibly can.

  11. The betti g laws never favor the punter, it’s all a game of money. The top dogs implement rules to help them keep more of their money and spend less.. Sad, but it’s the same thing everywhere

  12. You may have seen some of my Power Query documents on Twitter CB. So what I did was develop a live refresh model of this same data over the whole day and it was just b*llo*x to be fair. The selections moved remarkably during the whole day, even minute after minute, including when the market opens 10mins before a race. Very difficult to follow and determine if it is a steamer or drifter and some even disappear off the list even if they have moved 50%+. Suffice to say after 3 days of testing I stopped pursuing it.

  13. Down here in Australia, we have minimum bet laws. These change from state to state of course. Implemented to stop bookies refusing successful punters to get a bet on. The limits refer to how much you can win! Considering the fact that it’s punters that pay for racing, it’s a bloody disgrace. Especially when you look at the prizemoney on offer to owners and trainers, let alone the strip from the punters by the corporates. Be careful out there, they will take your last dollar!

  14. Another brilliant video caan..thank you. I dont know about you but I’m begging to think bet365 are bad for racing as you say there making up false moves and ss for at the races these days anyone stupid enough to have an account with the likes of bet365 ladbrokes and any other bookie you care to name is lucky to be able to get a decent bet on let alone move a market. The other issue I have with ATR is there pace maps are so inaccurate so I’m a betfair user only and I use timeform and I watch loads of replays for looking out for the way races are run. It’s ok having a fancy website but there only as good as the people who put the information into them and ATR is lacking on so many fronts sadjy.

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