A few years in the past I attempted buying and selling on soccer earlier than the match had began. Little did I realise what a mistake I might made as the value flew off within the incorrect route, by no means to return.

However out of your worst errors come the perfect Betfair buying and selling methods. It turned out that I might picked a match the place a significant crew change was made.

So I began to analysis and assume via how I may exploit this attribute and it is now my favorite Betfair soccer betting technique.

That is primarily a Betfair buying and selling technique and whereas which will appear just a little alien to individuals you probably have simply been soccer betting, it is a small step utilizing this technique to successful on a soccer match, no matter who wins.

That’s the essence of Betfair buying and selling, which is what we’re utilizing on this explicit betting technique.

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  1. To be honest you’d have to know so much about football to know all this is going on and be able to react to it. You’d have to know what various players for each team actually mean, and when exactly this stuff will be announced, as well as some sort of instant feed that you can receive the information on. I mean it’s great in theory but to take advantage of it you’re going to have to be very familiar with this sport, even then you’re going to be competing with a lot of other traders to get your money down as quickly as possible. I wouldn’t even know where to start.

  2. 11:18 you show a graph for the Liverpool Everton match which shows money matched as low as 1.37 and £110,500 matched at 1.45 which is where you claim to have laid, and a total of £1,985.489 matched on the event so far. Which is great, but then in the next clip of the market at 11:24 it seems to be a completely different market? With now no money at all traded at 1.45 and the total matched for the event £1,012,235. So is this a new market that is started on or closer to the date or something? Because if so, you can’t trade out of your position with the money placed on the other market? I am confused.

  3. Thanks Peter, basically the best opportunities are with key players with injuries, suspensions and managers resting players.

  4. Hi Peter, what if there’s a game where there is a favourite (example odds @ 1.30) is playing a team and both teams are at full strength. Would the market odds decrease in favor of the favorite once the lineups are announced?

  5. So to summarise, you assess the team news before the official teams are announced, and then you compare the assumed team with the actual confirmed team and then weigh up your decision to back or lay, depending on if the team is stronger or weaker than anticipated?

  6. i found similar market recently and it happened to me first time ever. i spot team has price 4 while clear favorite i just back it by 15 stake and earned 15 before match started pretty happy about myself that i do not get fooled by price. maybe betfair mistake hence it was low profile match and i have have experience similar thing happened when i was do arbs on other low profile in play tenis matched on bookie site. so i put money in and that it was my first not quite so information based but still statistic based trade which turned to be 100% profit

  7. who do you follow on twitter to get fast team news Peter? I follow a few things but never really fast enough

  8. You are a Master….I Live in Switzerland, Zurique.. they Blocked Betfair last Year…How can i Bet Now?

  9. Hi Peter, random question, does betangel have any bank/stake management capabilities ? eg you enter your bank and then can tell it you want to use 1-2% of your bank per trade ?

  10. Does anyone else feel like they have had that horrible situation way too many times where you cash out for a loss then less than a minute later a goal is scored that would have put you in profit. Its seems it happens to me more often than I feel is just bad luck. And I find they are the losing trades that hurt the most. I would rather lose double and no goals scored instead of seeing profit show the minute you hop out.

  11. Think I remember trading this game in play – market had panicked pre-match and the price was over 4, but Liverpool played like a favourite and I was able to get in and out in the second half for 3x stake.

    Remember thinking it was a bizarre market at the time haha

  12. Hi Peter , i have been using Geeks toy on a free trial , but i am more inclined into using your software instead on a full time basis , something about GT that set my alarm bells off is , i can purchase a lifetime ownership for £130, now i know your product is monthly / annually etc subscription, which i cannot fault but, if GT is just as good WHY would they offer a lifetime ownership for such a small price?

  13. Great Video Peter
    What really stands out for me is the reasoning behind the trades are just common sense / a bit of research – i am always aware of team news yet rarely attempt to make a trade. It comes down to lack of planning and execution, this video has made me realise this.

  14. Nice to see a bit of prematch footy, well done. I like to speculate on these markets, makes me feel like a Forex trader, watching pressers and so on.

  15. Nice, clear explanations. Particularly liked the ‘under 23 team-sheet’ angle – not everyone would have seen that coming.

  16. Very interesting video thank you for producing such amazing content for us peter and best wishes

  17. Anyone know the best place to get the early team news as it is released on the day? Is there a magic place to go or is it just pick up snippets whilst prowling twitter?

  18. Great video Peter, couple of questions as always! Liverpool v Shrewsbury replay, Liverpool steadily coming in even though it’s known the kids team will be playing, given Anfield advantage and the quality of the youngsters, would that be a B2L to you at current price around 2.0ish? 2nd question, do you use servants or autos in the 65-55 mins to kick off time to alert you to large price moves over team lineups at the 1hr mark you might have been unaware of otherwise?

  19. it should also be pointed out that if the market goes against you you will lose money before the game has started.

  20. On point as always Peter. Can’t wait to complete the in-depth course this month and start trading for real. I’m still on the exchange without software and from your videos bet angel will be my preferred choice.

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