Many people around the world love to bet on various games of sports and earn a handsome amount of money. We are aware of the fact that winning any bet is just a matter of possibility. And there is no sure shot way to tell whether our placed bet would result in winning or not. However, over the time a person can determine certain categories of bets which can lead him to win a huge amount of money in his pocket. In the game of football, there are some bets which can ensure your win in most of the cases. Betting on over 1.5 goals
In betting, over 1. 5 means that there will be at least 2 goals in a football match. The chances of this to happen are quite high and hence the winning percentage also takes a good value. Normally, if each team scores even 1 goals then this condition is easily satisfied and one can win his bet in a comfortable manner. You can check it by placing your bets for over 1.5 and after seeing the results of the matches you will realise how safe and profitable this bet is.

For Example: suppose there are two teams namely A and B in a football match. And the results of the various matches between two teams are 1-0,1-1, 2-0, 3-1, 1-2, etc. After seeing these results one can say that except for the first match, the number of goals is more than 2. So, we can see that there are high chances of winning a bet with over 1.5 goals and that is the reason why the odds for over 1.5 are not very high.

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