On some earlier movies, I’ve talked about Betfair buying and selling but in addition about worth betting/playing. I’ve talked about how one can win on sports activities betting for those who discover the proper odds. See this video: –

The important thing message is that betting suggestions are effective however provided that they discover the best worth! However one of many questions that come out of that is how do you get the proper odds to guess at that might win cash in the long run?

From a soccer betting Betfair buying and selling perspective understanding learn how to worth a market will enable you to anticipate what worth the market must be when one thing basic occurs or modifications.

There may be tons of assistance on the Guess Angel discussion board and a great deal of information to analyse in the identical method discover in right here: –

https://www.betangel.com/discussion board/viewtopic.php?f=54&t=14776

Utilizing Betfair buying and selling software program similar to Guess Angel and it is Excel hyperlink you would do that fully mechanically.

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  1. Have I spotted your deliberate mistake?Your Home correct score line 2 CHANCE Figures appear to be out of quilter?
    Could well be wrong…….which skews the first set of odds.
    Trying to get my head round the 80% of data used……and how this affects ongoing calculations.

  2. Excellent content .Just piecing together your extensive library on collating stats ,starting with the Draw and continuing with Home and Away form,and the concept of the connectivity of markets.
    If Betfair is usually a highly efficient market place.
    Where’s the edge for the trader?

  3. hello peter, so there’s this theory that bookies are bad at pricing the odds of a draw on unpopular league matches. So basically if you bet a draw at , at least 3 odds on a match , you will make a huge profit in the long run.
    the catch is that , the league should have at least 30% of its matches end in a draw :- with the help of historic data you could get which leagues have 30% of their matches end in draw in a season. please watch this . i want to know if this is possible

  4. Hi steve , I worked out that there’s 64 different combinations that can occur when you involve 0-0 1-0 0-1 and 1-1 in a 3 match accumulation , so basically I’m hoping for very low scores in these 3 matches. I picked 2 different leagues to select my games. 1st is a game in the segunda, 2nd is bulgaria first league and 3rd is romania liga 1 . I’m laying down 50 euros overall so it’ll be €0.78cent per bet, it’s obviously a bit of a gamble but it pays out well . Only thing is it will take about 40 minute’s to put all these 64 seperate bets down as I do it on the in-store machines in a bookies 🙄 matches are on today so here goes…. i would appreciate your opinion on this type of betting? Thanks, Johnny

  5. Hello Sir. am having some challenges deriving the away % for correct score,, can you make a video on the away correct score %? thanks in advance

  6. Loving this video Peter. Just checked the link for the forum for the data sheet but it’s out of date by more than 2 years. Is there an updated one? Also If I join the course, when your new content comes out will that automatically be uploaded to the profile or will I incur additional charges to access it? Thanks.

  7. Correct score ? Football is so chaotic. 1-0 is the worst when it becomes 2-0 on the break in the last minute.

  8. Hi…thx for this video…but what if the difference between spreadsheet and market are too high? For example if the hosts win the chances on spreadsheet are 65% and the market gives 28%? How shall we judge that?

  9. Do a video where all people can understand please. Maybe a 2-minute presentation. A simpler version, what to avoid when betting.

  10. I am so happy that i found you, not many people are sharing such great info and indepth analysis on these things! May I ask which database you use for getting info?

  11. The stats can’t lie. Football is the most popular boring game where virtually nothing happens. Football wins the Boredom Stakes with 1-1 romping home two boredom lengths ahead of test match cricket where you can play for five days solid and still end up in a draw. Or worse still, buy a ticket for day five and stare at an empty field because of a batting collapse that ended on day four. I hate sport. Playing arithmetic is more fun. As the old advert had it ”It matters more when there’s money on it”

  12. Hi Peter I would like to know where I could get the information of this deeper level of the precification model you made. What the next level would be and where I can get this information there is any book that you recommend ?

  13. i just say it. i like you video but i thing it would be better if you kan make a papir/word dokument or somethink where you show what you betting for this bpl round or other leagues

  14. I think you’re confusing your data with the old Two Ronnies sketch. Was the 5-5 draw between East Fife and Forfar by any chance. 🙂

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