The brand new season of MAGIC FOR HUMANS premieres Could 15 on Netflix!

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  1. Hilarious! This needs a LOT more views and likes — wth!? (I guess everyone else saw it on Netflix?) Justin’s nudist camp segment is also great.

  2. I liked 2:52 – it is a subtle lesson about the nature of greed. They were happy with their one coin. But then they learned they could have got more, and lost their appreciation for the one coin that they got.

  3. might i ask a question regarding a different performance?
    in season 3, episode 5
    was the important part cut out in the coin through shirt trick? (at the 9:45 minute mark)

  4. Its said that asians or people with same genetics of an asian love broccoli like me if i was there broccoli would make me happy not the coin

  5. Honestly disappointed, just saw for myself that your Netflix show is staged. I mean, I get that you meet people and give them basic instructions because it’s a tv show. But the magic has to be actual magic and not TV magic…

    Mini spoiler coming:
    I just saw you take the strength out of a man so he couldn’t rip a playing card. He kept trying but couldn’t do it (holding it by the short edges). You took the card, turned it 90 degrees (holding the long edges) and ripped it in half. Then he tried again but couldn’t (holding the short edges). You gave him his strength back and asked him to try again. And there for no apparent reason, he immediately turned the card 90 degrees and held the long edge. Of course, now he could rip the card appart. He obviously knew that the card was made so that it was very resistant long edge to long edge but normal short edge to short edge.

    You’re obviously a good magician but that is worth nothing if you cheat. And why cheat on such little tricks? That makes me wonder about the bigger ones…

    And for anyone thinking that magicians are cheaters by definition, they’re not. Their job is to do things that seem impossible. If you use camera or editing tricks… Well, it doesn’t seem impossible at all. Even I can make the statue of liberty vanish with some basic video edition and/or accomplices.

    Sorry for the long comment but I’m very disappointed. I heard about the rumors saying your show was staged because the guy you made invisible in a previsous season was an actor. Now I think it’s definitely the case…

  6. If fell like I’ve seen the girl in somewhere but I don’t remember so do you guys know where she appears??

  7. Hey Justin Williams.
    I just started watching your new series on Netflix”,
    I didn’t even watch 5 minutes of your first episode
    And I can easily see your “sign language” to tell
    The answer to E=Mc []

  8. Your going to be teaching your son the trade, have you considered making a Zoom style class for teaching magic to other students? The way the world is going to be changing might lead to this being a more prevalent aspect of academia, if it hasn’t already. Having other well qualified individuals also utilizing this as a trade came to mind watching The Late Show with Mr. Colbert. Such the talented muse. (I hope he doesn’t mind the term muse.)

  9. Thank you Justin. Absolutely amazing content that you’re creating sir. Good, clean entertainment that these days is hard to come by.

  10. Just watched all season 3, can’t stop the mindblowing! Love to watch one of your shows in person, never stop your mesmerizing work!

  11. Just watched the entire season! Love him!!! This piece is the most hilarious of the 3rd season for sure!

  12. I think one day the magicians will be able to use the coins of long lost magicians to reproduce old trick not previously understood. Based on the resonance of the elements it would be like plugging into a VR.

  13. Haha haha 😂 how kids react ,when they saw what they didn’t get 😂😂😂beautifully designed trick

  14. Justin you are the best person in the world and thank you for teaching us how to do magic

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