Howdy guys. At the moment we gamble a bit within the shakes and Fidget Tavern and cheers to the well mannered host Peter Gambler who gave me free mushrooms. Oh, by the best way I simply realized that the replace goes to be launched on 22th June already… so I’ll add a video by then. See you then

Outro tune:
Stellabee – Meteor Bathe


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  1. Some of you will hang me on a tree but I used Cheat Engine to slow it down to a possible minimum and believe it or not the gambling is totally random!
    The ball was not only one time in the cup it should be.

    Besides my highest streak was 4 times in a row.

  2. Yo. Nobody will see this, but today I got fed up with losing at gamble when I was certain I was right, so I decided to cheat. Basically, I just recorded the gambling process and slowed it down frame by frame, which mean I can follow the cup without problem, and that I can’t be wrong. 1 time out of 3, the ball is under another cup. Try it yourself, the gambler is clearly rigged and it makes me furious lol

  3. What was your highest winning streak? Was I just extremely fortunate to get it right 5 times in a row?

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