Alexis Conran is most definitely a person you do not intend to be playing cards with. A specialist texas hold’em gamer and also a male completely in the house in a casino site, Alexis delights in the excitement that includes gaming.

Alexis’s Greek papa was a betting addict that dedicated fraudulence to obtain cash for wagering and also went to jail for his criminal offenses. Alexis has actually ended up being progressively interested in discovering the tipping factor that transforms the weird flutter right into something darker as well as much more unsafe.

In this docudrama, Alexis circumnavigates Britain, to Las Vegas as well as to Athens in Greece. He fulfills wagering addicts, professionals as well as participants of his very own household to recognize as well as attempt what makes gaming, for some, an obsession that can finish in wreck. Wish to enjoy even more unabridged Documentaries?
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Alexis’s Greek daddy was a gaming addict that devoted fraudulence to obtain cash for wagering as well as went to jail for his criminal offenses. In this docudrama, Alexis takes a trip around Britain, to Las Vegas and also to Athens in Greece. He satisfies betting addicts, specialists and also participants of his very own household to comprehend as well as attempt what makes betting, for some, an obsession that can finish in destroy.

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  1. Win = want to win more
    Lose = want to get the money back

    These people never learn the casino wants to earn money, its not a charity lol, its a money grabber for easily influenced or dull minds

  2. Those fruit slots addicts really are the biggest Simpletons. Those things are literally designed to make you go bust. Even if you win you just pump it all back into the machine because it’s so addictive. It’s a suckers game.

  3. Google are quite happy to advertise gambling on videos about gambling addiction it seems.

  4. When I did my paper round there was a building I would cycle past every morning and there was always a large queue outside, I thought it was the job centre….nope a bookies

  5. The machine is not at fault. It is the people who do not have self control.
    Just like a knife is not bad, but when it’s in the hand of a bad person…. well you know.

  6. If u gamble online and cant stop, i have alot proves bj,bacarat,dices,roulete videos all manipuled, all system is fake add me WhatsApp + 55 19 994915802 i can help yours leave and stop give free money to this mafia

  7. Guys is normal addiction gamble i recovery in 1week 7k after i think more 1k, and i lost the 7k more 10k in online casino, my head all time says recovery it. I feel very bad i lost no only this money for casino, buy a long period like 40k,50k gamble so what i do? I dont know more what i do, i will go die i think because this, i self excludes all sites gamble like 30,40 no have more acesss but my brain says u lost u need recovery.

  8. Dang and I thought I was unlucky having to turn down gambling events because I didn’t have it in my budget. Especially backgammon events.

  9. Gamcare is useless, the same as self exclusion, the only self exclusions that worked was casino’s and online, the only thing that worked is the NHS centre in Leeds, every time excluded the staff never check in bookmakers

  10. Why not call your pops just for a convo. Ppl change, grow & evolve over the years; at least hear the man out once, Idk

  11. He believes way too much in those mechanical, electric/digital machines with pretty features

  12. My gambling cost me my marriage in fact it cost be dear.I have won big but the loses have been huge.I know my addiction will be with me till the day i die but i have my life back in some sought of order now. .With me now its not about winning anymore but the shear Buzz that i get when i get a winning bet up either in football or horse racing for now a relatively small outlay.I still need that fix because that’s what it is. I have learned to live with my addiction an addiction that i will take to the grave.

  13. Absolutely great documentary an a very personal one to Alex. My brother is a gambler and I feel after watching this I’ve a better understanding of him and his addiction

  14. The awkward moment when a program about gambling addiction has 4 paddpower and ladbrooks adverts on it… dickheads… utter dickheads.

  15. i hate when people act as if real addicts cant learn how to use responsibly, its the same as time management skills, or any other similar concept. Just because you want to use it all 24/7 doesnt mean you have to, if you cant quit make it work for you, if u can. It isnt easy and not everybody can do it, but it can be learned. And im an all or nothing type. Takes therapy, and a desire to change. Sobriety is as simple as not doing what u have a problem with

  16. From a ex drug dabbling 15 year clean and sober alcoholic`s point of view It seems to me that it`s probably the internal rush felt from that first win they`re after ,like the first physical rush felt from hard drugs that addicts chase in the beginning ,the rush that`s never coming back again , much like a gamblers money.

  17. I dont blame the people, i blame the evil government who gives these companies funds to lead us astray. Allah will hold them all to account. No doubt.

  18. My heart goes out to the addicted, but I’m a gambler and I’m proud about it because it’s what I know. But I hope these people get the help they need

  19. there’s more places to gamble in lower income areas because it’s cheaper to run a place there. Not hard to figure out.

  20. She needs to quit enabling him. They have an Al-anon for gambling. Extremely codependent

    They NEVER quit on their own. Look at famous people…

  21. How is giving your money to greedy people “fun?”

    No comprende.

  22. Hello the best keep money do shopping ,we have alot of food to eat ,full hand, if i be came gambling, when i come out of casino I loose ,thank you so much we love you ,we wish you courage

  23. Gambling almost literally brought my life to a standstill! My God….I can write a book about it..oys the worst addiction you cannot even wish your worst enemy

  24. Its an addiction not a disease. i know that sounds bad but to some people but not to everyone. you could not catch gambling addiction off of a sick person. ive been addicted to hard drugs and i became addicted through weak will power. can you honestly tell someone gambling addiction is a disease like cancer.

  25. 11 months absolutely no gambling for me but gave my stupid levels of gambling about 3 years ago best thing I ever did.

  26. please take a look at this brand new group if you want to put your gambling debt (and gambling altogether) behind you and help others do the same.

  27. i just quit gambling about 6 years ago but about 7 or 8 times ive been in arcades and 5 times i won mostly went in with a fiver and 2 time won 60 then 40..when i had an addiction all my childhood i could actualy win but u just need to no when to walk away i new every machine i would just watch ppl put there money in and watch for the ones that are gonna pay and win on them but i woulf stand and put the winnings back in a machine i new werrt even gonna pay and had allready paid and thats the downfall

  28. ime a recoverd gambling addict but i just swap it for other addiction facebook youtube drugs vaping ocd to replace a addiction you have to replace it with somet or get help theres no help out there theres no1 clever enough to no ehats relly foing on up there

  29. any1 who turns to gambling drugs drink has some kind of mental health problwm cos there missing something so we do these extra things to make us happy…there so many ppl who have been abused an there is 100 of thousends of kids who grew up in a bad house and 99 percent of ppl who have an addiction have had some trauma in there life and society duznt pretect the kids they give there abusers couple years and 4got about that them kids are the future

  30. The addiction is crazy. Can’t stop won’t stop till the jack pop. $$$🤑. But it’s killing me bank account I got to say that

  31. Gambling is one of the worst addictions I’ve had. Thanks to Corona virus I haven’t been in the Casino since March. Staying away has saved me money and time to think about not wanting to go back and lose my money!!

  32. I stopped watching midway through on my phone to go back to playing online slots… Years ago if I had held onto my bitcoin instead of betting online or on a app I could put on a constant play at just a fingertip away and played what cryptocurrency I could have held and essentially made millions instead gambling it away in internet casinos and bustabit.

  33. I always come back every 2-3 months lose 500$ and quit. So I guess it’s not too bad. 500$ isn’t that much to me, but in the grand schemes of things I do have a problem.

  34. The slots are rigged, that is why it will always come up just missing one match. They get a 75 percent return on their money, FB, IG, Twitter and almost all games use the same technology. The people are being brainwashed all over the world one way or another. How do we think they have been able to polarize the people against each other in the US with this S(election). It is a game from very high up and the people are losing at this game by being robbed of their very soul.

  35. No way he turned £2 into £10,000 in 3 minutes in a bookie. They have a jackpot of £500. He would have had to get jackpot 20 times 😭😂

  36. I played 50cent on 4 numbers on the Irish Lottery, in the bookies a couple of weeks ago. It was my first time ever to do so, and i watched the draw live on tv that night and all 4 of my numbers came out, i won €1900.50. I couldn’t actually believe it, i went back down the very next day and collected it, & i walked straight out of the shop clearly extremely happy.
    I know of plenty of people who would have collected that money & stayed in the shop and blew the lot.
    That to me is madness.

  37. It should be regulated like in Finland for example, under strict government control. If you try to make it illegal it won’t disappear it will just be done illegally, unfortunately.

    I buy about four lottery tickets a year, place a £5 bet on the scoreline the one or two times I attend a live football game a year, and maybe £10 in total on England to win in every major football tournament they play in (yeah, I know, I place silly bets 🙂 ), plus maybe £5 on the Grand National horse race. Gambling is not a problem for me.

  38. They think they can become rich by Gambling if it was like that people would stop working unfortunately it is a very intelligent scam.

  39. People don’t realise this buts it’s all to do with dopamine in the brain. You need to normalise blood sugar levels and neurotransmitters in the brain. This means going without all forms of sugar also including cigarettes and alcholol. People may laugh at this but I promise you that the more your brain levels off the less dopamine rush you require. Introduce intermittent fasting as well.

  40. Im not adddicted to gambling but im definitely addicted to gaming and its so hard to stop i game like whenever i can i litrally try my hardest to stop but seems impossible

  41. Gambling addiction documentary and so far the ads interrupting it have been about online bookmakers

  42. This is the best documentary on YouTube about a comprehensive scope of the life of a gambling addict. I have battled with the disease for 19 years with 13 years of clean time. Alexis’ sincerity in trying to discover his genetic roots and expanding his research to find the pulse of the addiction was most helpful to me.

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