On the Monday, Aug. 28 Sports BIT show, Teddy Covers & Pauly Howard share an interview with Gill Alexander and how to beat the book. Alexander provides analytics-based sports betting advice.

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Automated Video Transcription:

welcome back to sports bitch betting
inside today and it’s deep dive time
I’ve got one of my favorite guests a
gentleman by the name of Gil Alexander
here with me Gil hey shake hands on air
shake hands for you how are you sir I’m
good how are you thanks for having me
thank you for being here who are you and
why should people care about anything
that you say well I don’t know about the
latter but I was a podcaster back in the
fledgling days of podcast now everybody
has a podcast but I had one you know
back in 2010 so when most people did not
have one and I’ve done a podcast called
the beating the book podcast for six
years seven years now and recently was
honored to be asked to be one of the
original hosts along with brent
musburger at the vegas stats and
information network visa in the first
ever Sirius XM satellite radio station
dedicated to sports betting and
certainly as sports bettor and someone
who enjoys talking about sports betting
V sin is a breath of fresh air let’s be
honest you’re a guy you’re on a national
level you guys are bringing gambling up
to the next stage that is the hope and
that is the intent and to the extent
that we’re able to do that then we have
done our job it is I mean truly let
everything I’ve done for years has led
precisely to this this is what so many
of us have dream I’ve dreamt about and
you know the Musburger family it’s not
just Brent his family was the one that
came up with this idea and they’ve seen
it through to fruition much too you know
assists also thanks to Michael gonna run
the South Point Hotel Casino in Las
Vegas who built the studio and that’s
where we broadcast from so so far we’ve
been on five months and we can’t wait to
attack our first football season now
when I moved to Vegas I moved in 98 and
the first time I ever heard anyone talk
about an all gambling Network I mean was
Kenny white the former head of lvsd and
this had to be Oh 203 he was talking
about it and people were looking at him
like he’s crazy that’s never gonna
happen there’s not a broad enough
audience for that there is a broad
enough audience for that there is you
know look times are a-changing right we
talk all time about pending sports
betting legislation obviously the wheels
of change

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  1. I made a lot of money in NFL listening to his podcasts. Gil is very knowledgeable and his guests are very insightful.

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