biggest horse racing win ever at historical past of horse racing..

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  1. It was absolutely brilliant but it isn’t the best one in history but I’m not saying it was bad but it isn’t the best in history but it was absolutely brillaint

  2. Zenyatta breeders cup
    crushed this race even though i had this race and was there at the front runner
    Your obviously an amateur handicapper
    This race is like 450th greatest of all time win

  3. If you like this check out Donnaguska coming from the clouds at Hawthorne. It will blow your mind.

  4. I strongly disagree with you. Secretariat was the greatest. Always will be. No one can argue with me on that topic

  5. How in the world is this the greatest horse race win in history LOL. This was an exciting win but nowhere near as exciting as Secretariat’s win at the Belmont Stakes in 1973.

  6. This HORSE is not even in the list on the screens top leaders. It got a NITRo Quadro TURBO CHARGER POWER.

  7. Not the greatest.
    It only miss the start.
    The one that FASCINATE people = when they are still LAST at the LAST TURN (like ZENYATTA dan CHAUTAUQUA).
    Watch 2017 TJ Smith Stakes – CHAUTAUQUA
    On last 300m, Chautauqua is still the LAST.
    On last 200m, it is still more than 7 lengths behind the leader.

  8. I have a winner, she’s no stallion, but someday being all locked up, once chance she’ll win overall.
    Sincerely buddy Budinsky
    I visited her almost every day, in the compound at the university.

  9. This was a great race. It gave me chills. However, to say “it’s the greatest race EVER, puts it up against the Triple Crown winning race with Secretariat finishing the race forty lengths (40!!!) ahead of the second place horse. THAT was the greatest race EVER!

    So, I only mention this because of the title being incorrect. It isn’t an opinion-based statement. It’s an historical fact.

    But, this video is so impressive…but for the false claim.

  10. You never has seen Calisdoscopio, argentinian horse WITH TEN YEARS winning the Brooklyn hándicap 2013

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  12. You obviously never saw Secretariat run in the triple crown. Watch. first two races last to first. last race wins by 31 lengths. All record times.

  13. I liked his Brooklyn Cap win better, he was farther back and on an off track. The competition was not as stiff and the time was slow, but still it was an amazing effort

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  15. Paused at 2:30 and I’m big into thoroughbred’s. And if you are as well don’t make statements beginning with “greatest”, unless you just want to piss people off. Who wins this?…who cares?

  16. These yankee horses run on drug stimulates so no real feat!!!! Try it without and you wouldnt see such drama 😉

  17. Never listen to this when you’re driving because it’s much too stimulating

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