Each morning on the members-only website https://dograces.co.uk/
I upload the unique greyhound tips lay points and this video shows how I make my selections from the huge list.

I am ideally looking for the dog’s trap numbers with the lowest points in each race. Now I have made it even easier to choose these with the highlighted highest points.

First of all, any dog or trap number from the greyhound tips that have more than 15 points will be highlighted with red text.
Any dog or trap number from the greyhound tips with more than 27 points will be highlighted in a yellow box.

The yellow boxed greyhound tips points are the first to look at. These are the dogs with the very highest points of the day’s dog racing.

So we spot a yellow box with say 34 points for instance, and also in this race, we have another trap number with 28 points. So in this race, we have two yellow highlighted trap numbers. Now we just select the trap numbers with the very lowest points as our lay bet.

By using BetBotPro to make our lay bets we can ensure we have the best odds and only one dog will be used as our lay bet.

The points system was specifically made to find lay bets but with this high points system, we do have a very high win strike rate. Membership costs will always be kept low and we can guarantee any payments made on our website are very secure.

To find out more just visit the website or send me a message through Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ukdograces/

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  1. You lay your dogs max. @12.0 ?
    Those are pretty high odds dont u think ?
    I remember you laying at odds 8.0 max. back in the days.

  2. Nice one!!! Happy I came across your channel! You should look into using SMZeus. It’s the fastest way to grow your channel!

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