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  1. As specialist, I do think Trabeplom System can be good way to get lots of bucks. Why don’t you give it a shot? perhaps it can work for you t

  2. There is an online Text game called Torn city. They have a bookies in their casino and it’s all on real sports. Hockey basketball football soccer tennis ufc horses. Everything n it works a treat

  3. customising apartments would be cool using your own snapmatic photos to frame on the walls

  4. That horse idea might happen in next if they do set it in hot springs Arkansas. Cause we have a casino here with horse races so they might do that in next gta if they set it in hot springs. Because rockstar said the next gta is in a completely new city

  5. They can’t do NFL they would need a partnership can’t doing anything that has to do with NFL or teams there not authorized to do it would need to pay NFL money to use sports book

  6. Fuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccckkkkkkkkkk the races in this game they need to fix that bullshit of people hitting others making them lose control

  7. it would be cool to be able to have pets, build mansions, start business, and add more weapons and cars

  8. Fyi, Russian Roulette isnt gambling. Not in the way you’re thinking. Russian Roulette is where you take a revolver and only have 1 round in the revolver. You spin it and take turns pulling the trigger at your head.

  9. Piff how you still have you santa jacket? You been holden out on us lol. I dont think the real sports team things gonna work because they need to be licensed by the NFL witch is probably good since i would have to represent for the cowboys, also behind my madrazos house theres horse stables, then theres that farm with pigs, cows,and horse stables but no horses. That alot of horse shit for no horses. I dont know about L.A but in Texas its not to farfetched to see people rideing a horse down the street so im almost sure horse are going to be rideible and some point witch is awsome!

  10. RockstarBasketballAssociation Teams: Vice City Flames, Los Santos Fakers. Liberty City Pricks, San Fierro Fighters

  11. being able to BUILD your apartment/house

    more car mods

    more cars available for purchase

    more weapons

  12. imagine the rest of the gta world ..o_0 like “sprite” sprunk “burger king” burger shot…..cars clothes etc…..actual name brands…it would be awesome but too much money..also im not sure if certain companies would wanna associate with a game like gta….oh and personally i would want some ballistic knives and tomahawks or throwing knives like they had on red dead redemption….o_0 and more planes….ww1 and ww2 planes…with actual machine guns..   

  13. Imagine being able to buy stocks and get money from stocks and if it crashes then you lose money but be able to start businesses with the stock

  14. I think the mansion idea is best seeing the same appartments that all gta players live in different buildings same appartment there should be some where you could buy your own mansion seperate one not shared have your own swimming pool and walk your own dog that would be cool

  15. piff that will be a good idea because people that need money on gta online.they could earning by bettin that will make the game better.

  16. 5 things I want
    5.customizable houses(apartments)
    4.plastic sugary
    1.tow truck (online)

  17. My car doesnt show up when i call mors mutual and if i call my mechanic it says its destroyed does anyone know to fix this problem

  18. Rideable horses like red dead.. Las ventures DLC.. Pet dogs… Plastic surgery to change facial features & gym exersises like weights etc.. if you dont you get fat.

  19. What i want to see is Apartment customization that way there would accually be a point to invite people to your apartment. Maybe you could buy differnt furniture and paint the walls differnt color. Just stuff like that would be awesome!

  20. ideas and expansions in GTAV Online should be geared to build the Los Santos territory so that GTAVI can be an expansion pack with either Miami (V.C), Liberty City (NYC), etc….. and maybe even expansion packs to GTAV that add San Fran (Fierro) and Las Vegas…..

  21. I would like to not kill my crew members accidentally when they pass by when I’m having a gun fight but I killed them by melee…

  22. I love how, they are introducing heists and stuff but all I really want is the ability to do other animations OUTSIDE apartments other than walking and running, like sitting, laying down, dancing. 😀

  23. the gambling would be awesome. but since they sell points for real money I bet it would be an issue.

  24. Hey Piff or anyone, my car will not show up when I call Mors Mutual and it’s my adder. After all the money has been taken away I’m not too find of the idea of buying a new car. Any idea how to fix this?

  25. A idea/something I would like to see come to GTA Online in the future. What do you guys think? Since the games are today – Who you got winning? And what would you like to see come to GTA O in the future?

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