In this video, we will be discussing the new GTA 5 Online Casino updates for week 2 in Grand Theft Auto V. There is a bunch more construction added as well as double money and RP events. Also brand new leaks surfaced

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NEW GTA Online Casino DLC update | New changes, Final week leaks and more


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  1. if the casino business has collect shit or selling shit in focus with the gambling in the background it’s gonna be a pretty crappy dlc like the recent ones I don’t need to make billions if I got what I want there’s nothing for me to buy after a years playtime

  2. Me 4 days after watching this video: Let’s see if there are any news to this DLC.
    *searches youtube for the casino DLC and filters to only last week*
    *sees bunch of mrbossftw shit*
    Me: Nope, still nothing new…

  3. The better have a bar inside of the casino “If/and or when” they update it. (Fingers crossed)

  4. У нас все уже пошутили, так что: «Ёбаный рот этого казино, блять!»

  5. I Love changes like that the only game i know wich did event changes like that is fortnite but i dont like it but Now also in gta5 pretty dope

  6. I think it’s about time we get a shoulder held rocket launcher that has the same target lock and MISSILE SPAM capabilities as the ruiner and oppressors.

  7. Can’t beat the wife can beat the children can’t beat an oppressor mk2 demon with a permanent off the radar glitch

  8. The day the casino opens some lame utuber will post a video on how you can do a money glitch and cheat the casino…what a bunch of Moe’s

  9. I have a feeling that the next update is the building that’s not fixed right next to maze bank

  10. I had a feeling that RDR2 Poker was resting the waters for this.

    *EDIT:* And this better be for fun, but another damn business.

  11. Why did r* have to drip feed the casino dlc for nearly a month get on with it and release it already no beatin around the bush

  12. A casino business with only one casino!!! I’ll bet theres griefers setting up camp nearby already, eagerly awaiting the moment the DLC arrives

  13. Glad you literally show the person’s channel who won and tell them to comment so people will know it isn’t fake.

  14. ahhh so you where counting all not just the dlc  but the dlcs and here I thought you was trying to be  cheeky .

  15. Why can’t they make this just a public place where you can actually gamble and hang out… it has to be a business again…

  16. Thank you for not making this a 10 minutes video by repeating your self like a lot of other gta YouTubers! Your the best.

  17. If I hack mrboss and change his name to yours and out all ur stuff on his channel would u take his 2 mill subs

  18. did you know the real life casino and horse track that is right there actually was demolished in 2013 and then rebuilt

  19. After talking shot about the game for so long…. this fake fuck is back in need of views. The people who know about the game and play it should ne making videos on it

  20. It maybe too late to add this but, add vehicle deformation
    I want to hit a telephone pole with my sandking and have the front end of the sandking deform itself.

  21. So nice that the Casino is coming too very soon to GTA Online, I was waiting so long for this!! I hope it includes Pool (Billard) and Bowling or Airhocky not just Cardgames, I am not interested in Poker… Blackjack would be great too 😀 Plz not jus gambling… It would be so nice if we can get a mapexpansion with San Fierro and Las Venturas one day 😮

    And they have to add some gamplay changes to the freemode:

    They should do the same thing with the game visibility in GTA ONLINE freeroam as in Red Dead Online. These self proclaimed “Tryhards” destroy the fun of playing – they forget about what GTA Online really is. Its not a pure pvp shooter where KD matters or a wargame, its a sandbox game with a lot of people that just want to chill, drive their cars, sell goods or whatever. If you are only visible to others at a certain, small distance on the radar, depending on the status of the psyche, it all makes more sense. Nevertheless, you can remain visible during missions and orders in the freeroam. If you are killed repeatedly you should have the possibility in the respawn screen to rush police or mercenaries at the attacker, also he should remain visible as an aggressive player at a longer distance for others, so that one can avoid him or get more RP for it, if one turns him off , As a result of such a gameplay change, a police DLC could also work. As a defensive policeman you would then put the offensive and aggressive players. The whole concept also does not contradict the possibilities as a CEO, over Lester, in the Akula or as RC Bandito to temporarily disappear from the radar – then one would just be on a short distance not visible. In addition, armed vehicles with automatic targeting should only be able to target offensive, aggressive players or all players in armed vehicles – others please do not. As a result, Rockstar should completely remove the passive mode and instead replace it with a defensive and offensive game type, as in Red Dead Online.

  22. The best money guide.. money glitches.. if you dont make too much money like 100 mil in a short ammount of time you wont get banned or money wiped.

  23. Oh boy double $ on repo missions! I kind of wish it was client missions tho. As for the release date I agree with u Sonny. I think it will be 7/11. Because it will be after the Independence update and it is a funny date as well and significant numbers to craps. 7 & 11 so yeah

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