On this information, I’ll speak about each single sport within the Diamond On line casino in Grand Theft Auto 5 On-line, and present you how one can win extra money, taking part in mentioned video games.

Slots: 1:52
Horses: 3:01
Roulette: 3:31
3 Card Poker: 4:15
Blackjack: 9:58

Blackjack Primary Technique Chart: https://www.blackjack-chart.com/dealer-stands-on-soft-17/

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  1. I had at least 70 rounds at Blackjack and I won probably 15% of the rounds or less. It also felt like I had more blackjacks than winning from the Basic Strategy. I didn’t change the bet too much, I was mostly at 1.000 or 1.500 but in the end I lost it all. I don’t see where the problem is.

  2. i played roulette and won 180000 k and then i bet on 18 32 and won 600000 i highly recommend roulette

  3. 13:20 – This is correct. You can’t do usefully predictive card counting in GTA Online.
    13:22 – …But not because of this. You *_CAN_* actually eek some statistically useful data out of a CSM count of only a few hands. The math supports this. It’s small, very small, but it can be done. But that isn’t why you can’t count cards in GTA Online. The real reason is the game is based on random number generation for draws. It’s not simulating an actual deck being shuffled. It’s using RNG to determine the next card pull.

  4. I wish that they would add Craps table games to the casino. Or actual Texas Hold ‘Em poker, because 3 card poker is garbage.

  5. I have a private dealer with 3 card poker and sometimes you have a hard time winning but most of the time you can win multiple times in a row. I have made millions from 3 card poker and if you lose you close your application immediately. Which can be annoying if you lose multiple times but you always end up winning a bunch in the end. I made 3 million from it in just one day not even doing it the whole day just a few hours.

  6. Yo i got a couple of friends, lets chop it up and play some hands of blackjack with some high rollers like yourself. What You Say?

  7. it’s mathematically impossible to beat gta casino. you always have a disadvantage. in the long run you are ALWAYS going to lose. ALWAYS. you can’t count cards because they shuffle after each hand.

  8. I do the horse races. And if you just bet the FIRST ONE YOU LAY EYES ONE, OR THE FIRST ONE YOU THINK ABOUT CLICKING ON, YOU WILL WIN!


  9. Love your vids Rellikain! Very professional and high quality overall. But I have 2 questions:
    1) The chart tells me that I should stand on 14, 13 and even sometimes 12… I don’t think it’s good for me because it’s easy to draw a good card on this numbers.
    2) How it is possible that this is a good method to earn money when the casino always has slightly better chance to win ? Mathematically player should lose money overall, right?

  10. IDK if its me but whenever I win like a blackjack, I would then lose three times in a row by my dealer always one upping me or having a 21. Its whenever I get 16-18 is when I lost majority of the round. It could be im unlucky or I’m doing something wrong when I get 16-18.

  11. 5:59 Look Im not gambling player…and never how to play…I dont understand…can someone explain how to win?And can I know what is better than queen 4 and 6?

  12. Once as a joke after winning 1000000 on a 30/1 odds horse i went to play deity of the sun i won another 2.5 mill

  13. Ich habe eine Menge Geld im Casino verloren. Meine Erfahrung als Spieler beträgt 10 Jahrzehnte. Ich habe es nie geschafft herauszufinden, warum jeder auf Video gewinnt und ich immer verliere. Und es war nicht, bis} nur viel Zeit vergangen ist und ich viel Geld verloren habe das, was ich begriff, dass ich betrügerische Casinos gespielt hatte. Es war nur unmöglich , dort triumphieren. Jetzt Ich sehe beliebte Streamer und spiele in den sehr gleichen Casinos, in denen sie . Ich auch eine gute internationale Liste von Casinos hier gefunden /// к слову к выбору онлайн казино необходимо также подходить правильно. Само собой, например если вы играете в 1хбет там никогда не выведете деньги, а например если придти к вопросу тщательно то можно знать, что существуют такие как эльдорадо казино, написанные на коленке и не отвечающие ни за что, а бывают игорные заведения с выданной лицензией, где настройка игровых автоматов отсутствует. По-этому не надо решать на основе мошеннических сайтов. Лист лицензионных онлайн казино можно посмотреть тут: http://www.casireg.ru

  14. “From where your kneeling must feel like an 18 karat run of bad luck. Truth is; the game was rigged from the start.”

  15. I play slot machines a lot. Save game by changing close while in the casino. Then spend all your money. If you don’t win quickly redstart gta and go back. I got a couple million in the past few days

  16. i know everything about cassinoes! i went to horse betting in gta sa for the xbox 360 and lost all my money!

  17. a better betting strategy is a progressive winning system, this way you capitalize on win streaks. Basically you bet around x1.5 more each time you play except for your second hand, where you keep the same bet as your first one. Example, 20, 20, 30, 45, 67. even if you lose at the end, you still profit. When you lose, go back down to your beginning bet.

  18. …and he has conveniently forgotten to add or removed the basic strategy chart from his description. Thanks for nothing.

  19. I just did the math, and realistically, until you got access to the high limit tables you wont have any significant change playing blackjack. at least playing with the chart, 1k start bet with doubling on loss gives you an average of – 30 and starting at 500 an average of – 10… well i didnt know the chances of a blackjack so its probably closer to 0 in reality.

    i suppose the problem is that you are limited by the table limit and when doubling a bet on loss you can only ever win the initial bet unless you hit a blackjack.

    i guess i was hoping for more since i just started playing and a complete heist takes me usually around 3 hours or more with waiting for players, dc’s, trolls ect.

  20. My dealers are always frozen then l need to leave the table to make It work it’s so annoying 👎👎😡

  21. It doesn’t work either, you may make like 120k but you’ll lose it over the next 20 turns or less
    On blackjack at least

  22. Feh.. lost morem oney following that chart than it was worth. Won WAY more doing it my own way.
    /7Edit: I LITERALLY did not win one goddamn game following the chart. Not ONE! And i have been doing that for 15 minutes.

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