I’m a vacationer in Beverly hills, California and after going “hype” purchasing, I walked into a person shedding hella cash. It was pretend cash and it was rigged too!! By no means gamble.

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  1. got scammed in NY city.

    They all work together.

    Ugly feeling when you know what had happened.

    Should’ve listened to my friend.

  2. Honestly You know how they give you the money to hold it and they take it back. I’d just run off with it since they be scamming people too

  3. No matter what stay away from any casino/gambling activities. No way to win it. It will lose it in the end

  4. This one is devious because he’s using fake money. That’s why he says bet $40 for $100. He’s giving you a fake $100. I grew up in la and seen scammers like this everywhere. The original scam goes like this,
    Once you start betting your money they will do an illusion with the ball. They hide it in their hand. The ball won’t be under any of the cups. Once you pick the wrong cup and lose your money he will then lift an empty cup and slide the ball from his hand under it to make it seem like you picked the wrong one. And they’re very well trained in moving the ball around with this illusion. You won’t be able to see it because it’s too fast.

  5. IM GRATEFUL for that suckers game. They have people working with them pretending to bet. I lost my weeks paycheck when I was 17 from that suckers game and I never gambled again in my life and Im 54 now.

  6. Hes smart he lets them see the first couple and lets them play for free and they guess right then they figure i could have won this is easy until they put real money down then the scam begins or he lets a guy play thats on his payroll make a big bet and win so they can see they can win too i wonder if another guy that can do this scam ever played him and how much will this guy lose until he figures out he is a scammer too? Believe me after 2 or 3 wins he would catch on and stop his bets!!

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  8. This kid is so fascinated about some old a$$ hood huslter scam ,its just like three card monte but with bottle tops and a little ball .I guess anything to get YT views is cool these dayz what a lame

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  10. One of the oldest scam in the the book… Kid! next time do not interact! but report them to the police.

  11. i noticed that everytime hes done moving the caps around he turns the tablet around to try and trick them i really feel like thats the most important part about this whole scam its really deceiving at first but once you figure it out you’ll never lose

  12. You know what you do you watch him rip off like 20 people then you up the pole and take all his shit

  13. All them people keep faking like they wanna gamble… keep asking questions n shit.. put up your money or move

  14. So everyone knows the ball is never there it’s a slight of hand ..you ever heard the hands quicker than the eye ..well it is..you never win

  15. Corny ass shit he handed his money back when he knew he was about to lose he was saying the right one the whole time ..corny ass mothefuckers just wake up up beating people

  16. Guy was about to win in first game the. He said take your money back cause you will lose it like wtf lol he was about to pick the good one

  17. The ball was under the right one at @2:21 he knew he was going to get it so he gave him his money back 😭

  18. I saw this game too in Beverly hills, the 2 guys betting at the beginning are the same ahahah, that’s a very good scam

  19. I saw the guy at 3:03 today and it seems easy but as soon as they spin it, it messes you up. Idk what they do but something fishy happens when they do that

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