Method works without opening doors and penetrate the slot machines. It works only on the original CoolFire1 boards and on versions of 5.6- * and 5.7- *..
The way to win the Gaminator slot machine without access and hacking using a mobile phone is based on the calculations of the random number of gaminator slot machines (Novomatic). Some call this method: remote hacking slot machines without access. Analyzator program allows you to calculate random numbers. That is, it creates mathematical algorithms for generator random numbers for Gaminator slot machines. The resulting files with algorithms are transferred via an SD card to the PDA smartphone.
Next, you can start winning using a mobile phone on slot machines. Enter the slot symbols from the monitor to the smartphone, then synchronize with the game apparatus. At the next step, the phone will make special sound vibrating signals. You will immediately press the start button on the game machine! Well, get your winnings!
Now it does not need access to the slot electronics to win.

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