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  1. Hi Gretchen and Mark, sorry for the rough session. 😬 I know next time will be better, good luck!🥰

  2. Out of genuine curiosity…do you guys live at the casino? I remember stumbling onto this channel like 3 or 4 months ago and at first I thought you guys were just visiting. But after hundreds of videos later, you guys are still there lol. I’m hoping you guys are up from winnings though.

  3. Good morning from Australia, Gretchen how did you work out it was a 4 × bonus? 😁😁😁 lol that version of buffalo seems very hard to make a profit , thanks for the video Wacky Wednesday , till next time , all the best Mark & Gretchen

  4. The bonuses on this game leave a lot to be desired. It's a shame cause the graphics and features are so fun! Thanks for sharing 🔥🔥🔥

  5. That is definitely a difficult game to win on. You gave it a good shot throughout the denoms and it didn't respond. Hopefully they will come around soon! Best of luck Gretchen 🍀🍀

  6. Hi Gretchen. Thanks for the video. I thought for a second it was Wednesday lol. Not a fan on this buffalo. Not a real fan of any buffalo though. I have never had any luck except a little luck on buffalo diamond. Thank you both for all you do. John

  7. Hi mark and Gretchen. How are you guys doing? Gretchen that bonus had a lot of retrievers but the pay out was brutal. The game takes too long to get any nice hits or bonuses.

  8. Good Lord. These new Buffalo machines are tight. A swift kick should do it. Hopefully we get a repeat of the biggest jackpot ever from the old machine someday.

  9. I played this game at Dover Downs this weekend. I tried every denom, got one coin bonus that paid 1x, and nothing more. I probably won’t play it again.

  10. I usually love slots with a buffalo. However this one needs to be "adjusted"
    (translation – kicked) nods

  11. What denom should I play next time instead of 1c?, 2c, 5c, 10c or $1? Will be starting with the usual $50

  12. Buffalo Link seems very tight. The free games was paying a “cosmo” bonus of 4x. Hope these loosen up a little.

  13. Yeah on 1 cent lady betting $10 got $2,000 link $1,000 link hit the major twice all in the same bonus she got 79 free games kept retrigger ended up with $6880 on pennies $10 bet maybe stop looking at progressives and play lower denom

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