Life’s not at all times simple when there are horses concerned – take a look at a few of these thrills and spills!

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  1. 1:33 that happened at Uttoxeter a horse chucked his rider of at the start then broke through the railings went through the gate and off into town

  2. How can people watch the first and second clip and honestly believe that this sport is not riddled with rigged results. They forgot how to ride a horse!

  3. Can I just say horse racing is trash (I didn’t make this comment, but I do think the people who mistreat the horses in this sport are trash!)

  4. That reporter at 1:00 that caught the horse is a fuckin legend. Like seriously fair play to that woman.

  5. Ugh please stop hitting the horses so hard with the racing crops! IM GONNA FIND THOSE PEOPLE GET MY HORSE CROP AND SPANK THOSE PEOPLES BUTT TILL THEY R RED LIKE A TOMATO 🍅

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