In this video I break down how much money a sports bettor can make based on bank roll, bet size, win % and volume.


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  1. Thanks for watching guys. Who do y’all think has more motivation going into the season? Astros or Dodgers?

  2. So how many units would you bet if you were betting on Winning margins? It’s super tough to win if you only bet once. Ex: in nhl today I had the panthers winning by 3 and at the end of the game the opposite team scored and they won by 2.

  3. With a $2,000 starting bankroll still bet 1 to 2 percent each game($20 to $40). Risking 5 percent($100) one game a day is still risky. Losing streaks do happen and then most betters go FULL TILT with betting and damage their bankroll. That’s what the casinos and online sportsbooks love.

  4. These types of videos are super annoying. They always assume everyone bets in the same sport and at the same odds. My win rate in some sports is 80% and it’s below 50% in others. With the right odds you will make money. Not following some cookie cutter example

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