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How to bet the money line wager
How is a money line wager different from a point spread?
Why is it more common to bet on the underdog when betting the money line wager?
Is it difficult to bet the money line?

These and other questions answered in this video by Mark Hoke and Tony Dos.

Double Digit Covers is a source for sports betting picks, answers and how-tos from professional sports handicappers.

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  2. If i bet the moneyline on first five innings on a team and the result is a tie game, does this mean i push or loss?

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  4. HI. Are there any restrictions that sportsbooks place on the type of moneyline or parlay bets you can make? thanks

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  7. I would prefer to take the favorite and get less of a payout in most cases. For example: Oklahoma playing a Tulsa. OU is favored by 28. If the money like is 600 for example. I would bet $1,200 to win $200. Even if a QB goes down the odds of outright losing are ultra slim.

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  14. @ Jeneva: Stay tuned to our Youtube channel.  There are lots of different kinds of bets you can make  The ones we have here (sides, totals and parlays) and the most popular.  All the other “exotic bets,” as we call them in the business, are too high risk to be worth your hard-earned money… in my opinion.

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