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Craig Mish and Joe Raineri are back to give you their NFL Draft betting strategies, and to help you get ready for your NFL Draft bets. Take the 7 line out to Queens and then hop on a flight to Austin as our stadium tour continues with the Mets and the Longhorns. Don’t miss any of the conversation on today’s FST!

2:36- NFL Draft Betting
4:48- Longshots
5:30- First 3 Picks In Exact Order
11:06- Wide Receiver In Exact Order
15:36- Jalen Reagor
16:41- Can Henry Ruggs Be Tyreek Hill?
17:37- NFL Draft Coverage On SportsGrid
22:33- DKR – Texas Memorial Stadium
26:00- Iconic Longhorns
31:20- Shea Stadium
33:31- Iconic Mets
37:15- New York Jets At Shea
41:30- The Rock Talks About Quarantine
42:17- Craig’s Local Radio Experiences
46:40- The Rock Does Everything
48:22- How Has Life Changed
51:00- Clayton Kershaw Speaks
55:05- NFL Is The Only Thing That’s Certain
55:40- NHL? NHL? NHL?


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