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how to cheat a slot machine with a emp device (Undetected)

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That about emp device test on difference electronic device eg slot (worldwide used)
we have more than 30 kinds of device and I don’t know which is 100% working on your machine,you need to test it
some emp jammer can work on wukong table game fish game eg ocean king and many kinds of slots ,also money exchange machine (This product is forbidden to be used illegally,for testing purposes only.


  1. Even for 2 years ago they still were using coin machines…we don't have those in Atlanta…didn't have those 2 years ago neither

  2. สนใจสั่งของยังไง

  3. Cheating ruins the fun and is stealing…Chasing the 'dream' is fun…ironically cheaters just put their winnings back into a casino and get caught eventually…soon there will be a 'cheaters anonymous' lol

  4. That’s ok using it on a antique like this machine but this will not work on today’s machine, believe me I know all about the EMP jammers you would be very very lucky to find a slot machine that this would work on in the uk

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