Sports Betting Tips: Direct from the WagerTalk TV Studios in Las Vegas host Marco D’Angelo talks with sports betting expert Bryan Leonard, who share some of their personal tips on how professional bettors handle winning and losing streaks.

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  1. started with 100 in the beggining of month. was at 2,400 then wanted to make my money back and u know how that goes….. loosing streak and im at $300! im still up but god damn this one hurt 😞

  2. These guys say they have losing seasons……. WTF!?!? I’ve been betting for 5 years now learned everything on my own and I haven’t had a losing MONTH. .. and these guys supposed to be big shots? And they go for underdogs they say?? How do these guys make any money??😂🤣

  3. Marco don’t feel bad. I have been on a losing streak for close to a yr lol. From week 3 of cfb to now I just can’t hit a number if I had all the luck in the world.

  4. Have a few days off. Keep it simple pick your best for the day and only have one bet and until you win that one bet only have one bet a day. Don’t lose your confidence. Keep a positive mindset. Trust the process. Best of luck everyone.

  5. I went on a 4 or 5 game losing streak once that hit me pretty hard because in my mind I treat every game like I got $60k on it so to me I lost $300,000 in 1 week…. so After that happened I had to leave Twitter for a bit and go through my process which is:
    #1 anger
    #2 sadness
    #3 reflection
    #4 obsession 😈

    I am relentless and never satisfied and that process has served me well 😤

    The faster you double your rate of failure the quicker you’ll succeed by knowing what not to do haha.

    I could lay out a bunch of my betting philosophies but the main thing is mindset 😁 mindset, mentor, information, philosophy, obsession, school of hard knocks, double your rate of failure and learn from your mistakes, ect ect ect 💪 I’m not satisfied until I can hit 70% all year…..and until I can hit that goal nothing else matters to me 😋

    A few people will understand this so I’m talking to you directly….☮

  6. If you win 7 in a row and lose 8 in a row, you’re one unit down. Call this a sequence. A single sequence. Now, if you had 10 sequences you were tracking instead of just one, you’re more likely to even out the variance across the 10 vs living thru every grueling loss in a single sequence. This is what a card counting team does when multiple players play from the same bankroll. Of course you’d have to come up with enough +ev plays to set up all these sequences.

  7. I don’t have a very big bankroll nore do I consider myself a professional but I’ve learned don’t ever to be afraid to take a day or 2 off during a bad run.

  8. Great video. Very good point on a gambling bankroll. You often hear the phrase “bet the house” which most take lightly and in amusement but too often you see folks betting what they don’t have or shouldn’t bet….

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