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  1. I losed 3/4 of my inventory(75$).Felt so bad,but i got over because i made a loadout with my 25$ remaining.Never going back to gambling.NEVER.I am giving you an advice.NEVER FUCKING GAMBLE.NEVER.I also have a friend that lose over 200$ on gambling.Good examples for you to stop/don’t start gambling…

  2. i went from 0.60 cents to 253$ and then i lost it all .-. so now i got zero skins 🙁 i wish i had a time machine

  3. I went from 100 dollars to 3500 dollars in one day only going on coinflip only to loose it all in one bet 😂

  4. Today I got real lucky started with 50p referral code gambled on csgo empire for 3 hours and I managed to get myself Field-Tested Bayonet Forest DDPAT

  5. i went from 10 to 500 too because i went wrongly on csgo500 on yellow i was like nooo 10$ wasted xd and then it went yellow 😛
    it was on my birthday too xd

  6. how to get ur favorite skin

    step 1 GET A FUCKING JOB
    step 2 profit
    spet 3 be greedy and lose it all

    …like me


  8. i did something similar to this and i went from about 40$ to around 1500$ i proceeded to lose so i cut my profits and sold about 300$ 🙂 After selling i had about 150$ left and i just kept all inning on coinflips and winning and got back to 1500$. The next day i lost it all. 15 coinflips in a row lost

  9. This video is basically saying “If you have 10 dollars you shudnt bet but i bet 100 on green and got 1000 so yeh”
    Then some noobs see the vid and dont listen to the warnings and waste their money and blame you, You should put text in the vid to make it clearer

  10. tis is impressive, but not as impressive as when i went from 1$ to 300$. even more impressive was when i lost it all the same day

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  12. I uploaded my first Inventory Showcase! I would be hapy if you take a look on my Channel! Btw i subbed, keep up the work buddy

  13. Hey if someone needs a Ref link u can get mine u get 1k 76561198289270810Hey if someone needs a Ref link u can get mine u get 1k 76561198289270810

  14. Who wants to bamel with some free coins 🙂

    This link will give 1 free Euro to gambel with..

    Much luck everyone

  15. Hey all… my fav csgo betting site is csgo500 ^^
    enter this as a ref link 76561198069226611 for a free 1 dollar…
    every day you get 50 – 2500 coins = 5c – 2.5 $ free

  16. nice in 4 days I made a 60 euro profit on H1Z1 skins only on coinflip from depositing something for 1 euro so happy

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