Universal key for slot machines, payment terminals used for the opening, not breaking locks.
As a universal key opens the lock in the slot machine hack the machine? What is it? Let’s look at two ways of hacking. The first would be trite, radical – approach with a crowbar or a hammer and show the slot machine that man is stronger than metal. His will not be considered. Let us dwell on the way to hack a slot machine with a universal key, skeleton key. The video shows an example of how it opens the lock. Note! That the key does not break, and opens up! – These are the locks on the doors with boards and boxes are used to enter the menu and printing credits.
The principle of the universal key is this pick, thin plate, controlled by the power stroke gently pick up the position of the lock code. This effort is different for different locks, and it’s easy to configure, or weakening of the grip rod. It should be noted that it does not break the locks (hacking), and opens and closes, leaving no traces of mechanical action. Buy a universal key for the slot machines and payment terminals available at our website. Here’s a little guide how to open locks with the key – Insert the key into the lock so that the place where there is no boom coincided with the lock groove larvae _ | | _ More alternate translational motion with rotation key, such as 2-4 push deeper into the castle and 1-2 turning counterclockwise. If the lock does not open, repeat the cycle 3-5 times. And if, after retries are not opened, then drop the pins to the original position (it is necessary to press the button on the handle of the key and push it all the way to the head of the universal key) and then we repeat.
With keys will be sent instructions. All the instruments we send before sending repeatedly checked for serviceability. Just buy a key for the slot machines payment terminals please visit or

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