How To Play the cardboard sport Horse Race. #boardgame #advertisements

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  1. Hi been playing this for years after my dad showed me how to play (40 years ago) ,he played this in his pub and said it goes back to 1940’s but it should be SIX cards not 7 for the course. If the course was say 7 clubs then clubs CAN’T win as there are only 5 clubs left in the deck to draw. i play this a lot at 1940’s events.Also if NO suit is on the track then that is the “Bookies favourite” and no one can bet on it this is how the “Bookie” hopes to not loose money.

  2. What would happen if multiple people beer on the house that won? Would the winnings be split up between the people? Or works everyone won the same amount?

  3. Dumb question: I don’t know how you got the odds? How did you find this or what are you calculating it from

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  7. Looks fun except somebody has to be the banker. Also, I wish you gave us the odds for each situation but nice video.

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