Here we are with the third in a series of how to bet on sports. This is when things heat up! We’re looking at the implied probabilities, implied odds and the expected value. This one is essential, in my mind, to understanding how to bet on sports.

If you’d like a copy of the Implied Calculator it’s over on Dropbox:

And Google Drive:

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  1. i know 538 is good for mlb, nba, etc.. but where is a good source to get probabilities for NHL games

  2. can you share your spreadsheet with the formulas in there? you scroll too fast for me to see the formulas in the bars. also, would love to be able to just copy and paste the MLs and my probability instead of having to do this every time

  3. Do you trust 538 lines against pinny’s line? Also are these the no vig probabilities or is the juice included ?

  4. Could you make a calculator to do this for spreads? I imagine it’s pretty similar but it would be a great help! Thanks!

  5. Hi Arch, At the 5:58 mark, you fill in values to the “Your Prob” column and refer to the odds for those teams and the numbers are different from the implied probability…you say “538 thinks that 54% of the time TB will win….Where did you get that 54% from? Thanks in advance.

  6. Hi Arch! There is an error with the parenthesis at 4:16. It should be ((-1*ML)/(-1*ML+100))*100. The way you put it, it makes 0.0058…

    BTW, great videos! Thanks

  7. Hi Arch I would like for you to make a video on the 444 craps and the look up the video for the don’t pass / pass betting strategy by the same guy Al the craps professor

  8. Nice. If and when Florida gets a sportsbook I feel like I’ll be ready. Also have you heard of Shark Roulette? It’s apparently an online roulette deal that uses cryptocurrency to play. There are no limits and you can bet as low as $.01. It’s also the single zero type. If you do more roulette videos in the future you may want to check it out.

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