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That about emp device test on diffrence electronic device eg slot (world wide used)
we have more than 30 kinds of device and i don’t know which is 100% working on your machine ,you need test it
some emp jammer can working on wukong table game fish game eg ocean king and many kinds of slots ,also money exchange machine (This product is forbidden to be used illegally ,for testing purposes only.)

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  1. I want to know how to use one for RFID …..no illegal money scam or nothing just how do I get one that can disable RFID through skin anyone? please?

  2. Better chance of put money in machine.If it pays good,today win you!! Either that or do what most of the world does,and work for living.

  3. I people live in Serbia Serbia.We bookmakers are easy to prevaru.Ako can someone help me build emp jammer, I will send him the money, or if you can send me emp jammer, let me know certainly

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