Stan exhibits you insider ideas and tips on play and win Blackjack! The On line casino’s don’t need you to know this!

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Take a look at our interview on the superior ‘Faces and Aces’ Podcast!! Consists of extra playing ideas!!

Blackjack is a straightforward recreation with easy guidelines, and Stan is right here to interrupt it down for you. Stan is an actual blackjack seller in an actual on line casino and has realized insider ideas and tips to beat the home. Like all on line casino video games, Blackjack is a recreation of mathematical chances. Should you come ready, know the principles and techniques, make use of the methods, play together with your head and hold your cool, Blackjack presents you the very best alternative to stroll away a winner. Like poker, Blackjack is a recreation of ability.

*disclaimer: we take no duty for any losses incurred by following recommendation introduced on this video, nevertheless we do take duty for the wins.

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  1. It’s like a child playing with toy army soldiers. Aaahh! Boom! Boom! I got you! You’re dead! Blam! Aaahhh! He got me!

  2. So, a few actual winning tips for Blackjack from a REAL dealer: The average winning hand is 18 1/2. Always split Aces, however, you do NOT always split 8’s. That strategy is based on 10 million hands played. If you play 10 million hands, it may eventually work out in your favor, for the average player, just hit it when the dealer shows 7 or above. Never split 10’s (I cant believe I have to still say that). If someone has a “system” RUN, don’t walk, to another table.

    Cluess twats like this guy piss me off. Absolutely clueless in the art of gambling. Regardless of this morons advice, play for a 20% profit, then walk. If you push it, you will lose. If the shoe is rough, walk away and find another table. If you find a bullshit artist like this guy at another table, leave.

    Casinos want you to have all the information possible. The more you think you know, the more you’ll play, and likely lose. Ignore the books, tapes, charts, and especially douchebags like this guy.

    Blackjack is meant to be fun, DO NOT try to turn it into a profession, its not like Poker, you have a mathematical disadvantage from the very first deal.

  3. The first 42 seconds convinced me that this guys a turd. The object of blackjack is NOT to get to 21, the object of blackjack is to beat the dealer…period. As slow as this guy deals, no way was he in the high roller room. Speed is how the casinos make there money, and this clown, has the dealing skills of a 75 year old woman from Iowa.

  4. I like taking a risk at times, like doubling down with 9 and the dealer showing a 2. Having a ace with a 4, 5 and doubling against a dealer low card. Maybe splitting when I shouldn’t, but I’m not hitting a hard 18 against a dealer 7. WTF? You play like that, you’re the guy I want to kill at the table. 🙂

  5. and another thing. you are really misleading these people with your cards being setup.. oh just magically when you hit these 18s, 19s, 17s. you get magical 2s and 3s and Aces. “thats why you hit hard 19s”

  6. lets just hit everything. fuck it. even hard 18s. youre out of your bleedin mind, mate. People, this is why you never listen to dealers about how to play games. usually they dont know shit

  7. I am going to tell everyone the only thing you need to do to make a lot of money from Blackjack. It’s simple. YOU need to be the Dealer.

  8. Fuck this dude and his stupid not funny video… The corniest and oldest non funny joke in the books… Try to show a video on how to teach people to play blackjack and then say all stupid shit the wrong way of what you really should do… Again so lame stupid dork

  9. WHHYYYYYY WOULD YOU HIT ON A 19 to a 10 when 3 aces have already been delt!!!!!! ????????? PLease explain your logic…

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